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My stitch regulator cuts out, creating long stitches.


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This is different from skipped stitches as described in the timing section. This problem deals with long inconsistent stitches with the chosen stitch length--not skipped stitches. To remedy the situation:

1. Clean the wheels (most importantly the wheels by the black encoder boxes, as well as the little black encoder wheel extending into the wheels) with cotton swabs and rubbing alcohol.

2. Make sure the black encoder wheel is centered between the carriage wheel?s lips (top to bottom), and be sure it is into the carriage wheel as far as it can go without the set screw on the black wheel hitting the carriage wheel.?

3. Be sure the adjusting wheels (cams on the carriage and machine head axles) aren?t too loose, as this will cause the black encoder wheel to slip and create inconsistent stitch length.

4. Try not to put any weight on the front handles as you are using the machine. This will cause the back end to raise up slightly, and make the encoder misread your movements. If you still have a problem, contact the factory; it could be a bad encoder box or a wiring issue.

Dawn Cavanaugh

National Director of Education




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