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Ultimate I with lots of extras for sale.

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Hello all, 

I have an Ultimate I with Intellistitch stitch regulator, 14 foot frame, and lots of extras (circle lord, about 30 to 40 paper pantos, thread, brand new canvas leaders, red snappers, free lessons for anyone local, help with dismantle and set up for a local purchase, and some other things that I can't remember at this moment).  It is in perfect working order.  I'm not real sure where to advertise it or how much to ask for it.  I would really appreciate your thoughts.  Thank  you.

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Lora - there are some subforums here where you could list it for sale.  You can also search there to look at prices for other similar machines.  There are also some Longarm sales Facebook groups.  Longarm University website also has a place where you can list machines for sale (paid, not free).

Good luck with your sale.  It sounds like a great deal for someone.  


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