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Zone Scale Height Issue on Millie30 using QuiltPath5

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Has anyone figured out the best "zone scale height" (in settings) for a Millie 30 on QuiltPath5?  Is it something I need to adjust every time?  How can I figure this setting out before I start quilting and run into the error at the bottom of my zone?  I've played around with it, and I need probably a 93%-95% to work with the extra fabric and red snappers on my takeup roller.  But there seems to be no way to judge if that amount will work for the pattern I choose on the belly bar end of the quilt area.  I wish QuiltPath would just tell me when I place the zone (in zone placement) that it's going to run past my zone scale height.  Because then I could adjust my pattern height or nudge the placement up or something.


QP5 ZoneScale Height Issue.jpg

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Hi Rebekah,

I don't have Quilt Path so I can't answer your question.  I wanted to let you know that there is an active Quilt Path Facebook group that would be a better place to post your question.  I am sure that there is probably more activity there than on this forum.  I think that it is necessary to request membership in the group.

I hope you are able to find the information that you need.

Welcome to this forum and happy quilting.

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