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Hi everyone,

I'm in the process of starting my own quilting business. I am planning on offering extra wide muslin for backing in addition to the quilting. For my personal quilts, I wash and dry all fabrics to be used in the quilt to prevent bleeding and shrinkage. I do not prelaunder my batting even though I usually use Warm and Natural.

For those of you who offer backing material, do you sell as it comes off the bolt. Do you wash, dry, and iron as a matter of course? Or do you wash, dry and iron if the customers requests it with an extra fee? If so, how much do you charge for laundering? What about the 100% cotton batting - do you try to preshrink it for your customers?

I look forward to hearing everyone's ideas and suggestions.

thank you,


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I do offer backing fabric and if the client has washed all her fabrics in the top, and if she'd like, I wash and dry the backing fabric. I do not charge for this. Usually I will throw in one or two pieces for my own backings too so it takes no more water/detergent/utilities to add another one.

I do not iron the backing fabric. If I pull it right out of the dryer and load it on the machine, there's no need to iron any that I've used so far.

I do not wash the batting. To me, that is a hassle! If the client wants the batting washed, they will have to do that themselves.

In over 6 years of longarming, I've never had anyone mention wanting the batting pre-washed.

Judy L.

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