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Butterfly Sky Quilt Suggestions?


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I just completed this quilt and wondered if anyone had suggestions on how to quilt this?

I have to have it completed by Monday for a show this weekend.

I have a CQ but may also end up free handing some of the quilting.

I was thinking about an all-over swirl design with gold thread in the center part of the quilt but I'm nervous the design will take away from the embroidered butterflies so I'm also toying with the idea of 1/4 inch stitch around the butterfly blocks (on the white) and some kind of free hand around the stars and "sky"

Also, not sure what to do about the two borders. Do I use two separate co-ordinating border designs or one big border design?

The outside border in dark blue/purple is 8 inches and the inside "piano" key border is 6 inches. The butterfly blocks are approx. 15 inches each.

The Pilot Club is also going to raffle this quilt so I want it to look really look good.

My experience so far has been mostly with all-over designs but since I made this quilt, I also have freedom to experiment.

The picture is a little funny looking...the sun was shining from the back side of the top so it almost looks like stained glass.

Thanks in advance for anyone's help or suggestions.


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