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Tension problems in one direction


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Hi Cathy

When I can hear the needle "popping" as I quilt, the quilt is pulled tightly between the rollers. You might try relaxing the quilt between the rollers as well as a new needle.

When I first started quilting I know I had the quilt stretched way too tight between the rollers. Now I have it that way on purpose for certain looks that I 'm aiming for, but for the most part, the quilt needs to be taught but not tight.


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Hi All,

I'm new and have just been playing and practicing on muslin with warm and white batting.

When i use So Fine on top and Bottom Line in the bobbin, the tension is good. I could get the tension with Rainbows on top.

However,when i put PolyQuilter on top with bottom line in the bobbin, now matter what i do, i have pokies on the bottom in places. It will quilt along and the bottom stitches look perfect, then pokies, then good again, then pokies. Now, i am using two opposing colors of thread so that i can see my stitches better and maybe if i used matching thread i wouldn't see it so much, but I'm getting frustrated. The same happens to me with King Tut on top also. I have played and played with the tension.

I do have a Towa tension gauge and was told to do 15, which seems to work for the bobbin.

I have changed my needle, experimented with the tautness of the quilt, clean bobbin case, cleaned and oiled the hook area.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance

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Hi Lani---

When you say pokies, are you talking about batting poking through the backer or are you talking about top thread pulling through to the back?

The Towa gauge is a great tool but are you also adjusting the top thread?

After some experience, you will be able to tell the tension of the top thread by threading the needle and pulling the thread slowly toward the back of the machine. Perfect for me seems to be the point where the thread deflects the tensioner spring from 10 o'clock to about 8 o'clock. (That is, looking straight on at the spring, at rest the spring sits at the angle of the little hand on the clock at 10. Then the spring will deflect down to the 8 position when the thread is pulled slowly to the back through the needle.) This is just what works for me and different thread weights and composition will affect the perfect top tension. Hope this helps a little.

Newbies please take heart--you are experiencing what all who have gone before you also have--really!! Don't get discouraged and always speak up here with questions. Somebody will offer the exact solution you need!

Linda Rech

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Hi Linda,

thank you so much for your reply.

Yes I did adjust the top tension too. To the point where the bottom thread was coming up and i still had areas where the top thread popped thru below.

I'll be gone this weekend, however I'm going to try your suggestion when I get back and see how it goes and I'll let you know. Any tips are greatly appreciated.

I haven't taken my beginner class yet, so hopefully once I do, it'll be helpful. Need to find someone to give it.

Thanks again.......

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