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If anyone can help us figure this out I would greatly appreciate it.

My friend speaks very poor English so I am typing. She owns a Gammill machine only 2 yrs old. She has been fighting a problem with knots developing on the back of quilts recently.

She has tried to work with her dealer repeatedly and they cannot seem to get it fixed (I think due to language difficulties) so she is stuck. I have a Millie so I can't understand her situation. Does anyone here have any ideas I can give her that may help.

She is a profesional quilter and very skilled. This is a new problem and nothing suggested so far has fixed it.

Thanks for your time.

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Hi Heidi

Perhaps the problem is in the backlash spring within the bobbin. Have her try a new one or explain how to pull out the little tabs slightly on the spring to add more tension to the spring. Clear as mud? She could also try tightening the check spring on the tensioner. HTH

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