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CQ Designs at intelligentquilting.com

Nadia Wilson

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Great Service, Quailty Designs!

Yesterday I purchased the "Hurricane" design for CQ from www.intelligentquilting.com. I received great service from their website, was able to download my design instantly, their site was easy to navigate and the best part is that the design stitched out perfectly! I am so pleased with the quality of the digitized design, every point was as sharp as the first one! I am not affiliated with anyone on that site, just a happy customer. If you have a CQ and haven\'t had a chance to cruised their site, have a look....


Millennium with CQ

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I too have a CQ and love it. There are several other companies that I have purchaced designs from. They are very helpful

Designs by Vickie.com and DebraGeissler.com

I haven\'t purchased any yet! from Digi Tech but they look good also.

Looked at Intelligentquilting.com and they have a lot to offer also. Thanks for the info.


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Yes, there are many wonderful designers out there, however I will only purchase from a designer who will supply me with both a cmd file and either dxf or wmf for my CQ system. Onesongneedlearts unfortunately at this time does not supply either a dxf or wmf for me to use. I like to be creative with my quilting.

Darlene Epp at trilliumhousedesigns.com has a really nice collections of designs available also, some of which I have stitched out and are beautiful to work with, great digitizing! Her daisychain allover looks sooo good on so many different quilt styles, I\'ve recently stitched one out with Rainbows variegated thread, boy did it look good!

Also Ellen Munnich at quiltrecipes.com has a super big collection to choose from. I\'ve work with her designs too and they are wonderful! Both of these designers also supply the wmf.

I love my CQ...the possibilities are endless.

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