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  1. Sue E.


    I originally had a 2005 Millie and table. In 2008, APQS came out with a new light and a better location for their on/off switch. I upgraded my head and kept my 2005 table. I don't know about the newest machines, but I assume the head would fit on any table. My system is not blissed as I am computerized and don't do any free-motion quilting and decided I didn't need to spend the money to get the bliss rails. I still have my 2005 table and my 2008 Millie head.
  2. Sue E.


    Love how you quilted this. Very nice!
  3. Sue E.

    Pantograph size for Millie

    In addition to what Charmaine stated, also be aware of how big the quilt itself is. As you roll the quilt onto the take-up roller, you will lose a little quilting space. Make sure you give yourself enough room to complete the last couple of rows. I decide what size panto I want to do by the quilt itself. Some sizes are just too big for the piecing and will not look just right. Conversely, you don't want to make a panto too small either.
  4. Sue E.

    Mommy and me Baby Quilts

    Wow! These are so cute but your quilting is absolutely fantastic. Great job!
  5. Great job (both of you)!
  6. Fantastic quilt. You did a wonderful job on the piecing and the quilting. Nice work!
  7. Sue E.

    New Lenni

    Cute! Congratulations on your new Lenni.
  8. Sue E.

    Innova or Millie?

    I don't know anything about the Innova computer system, but I have had both a QuiltPath and and IntelliQuilter and I say get the IntelliQuilter. It is a phenomenal system, easy to learn, can do everything, and the service people are top-notch. There are lots of videos and info at . There are also several groups you can join before you purchase your system. This is a big plus because if I had had all this information prior to my QuiltPath purchase I would have made a better decision for me.

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  10. I have 20 notifications from real strange email addresses. There is nothing but links which I will not click on. I also noticed that in my Profile, my email address is something weird - all numbers and definitely not my email address. How do I clear these notifications out of my file. Also, I need to change my email address back but it says I will need to re-activate my account. Will I be able to use my same name, etc.?

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