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  1. Sue E.

    Mommy and me Baby Quilts

    Wow! These are so cute but your quilting is absolutely fantastic. Great job!
  2. Great job (both of you)!
  3. Fantastic quilt. You did a wonderful job on the piecing and the quilting. Nice work!
  4. Sue E.

    New Lenni

    Cute! Congratulations on your new Lenni.
  5. Sue E.

    Innova or Millie?

    I don't know anything about the Innova computer system, but I have had both a QuiltPath and and IntelliQuilter and I say get the IntelliQuilter. It is a phenomenal system, easy to learn, can do everything, and the service people are top-notch. There are lots of videos and info at . There are also several groups you can join before you purchase your system. This is a big plus because if I had had all this information prior to my QuiltPath purchase I would have made a better decision for me.

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  7. I have 20 notifications from real strange email addresses. There is nothing but links which I will not click on. I also noticed that in my Profile, my email address is something weird - all numbers and definitely not my email address. How do I clear these notifications out of my file. Also, I need to change my email address back but it says I will need to re-activate my account. Will I be able to use my same name, etc.?

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  12. Sue E.

    Digitizing with AutoSketch Book and Lessons

    The only software program I would recommend at this time is Art and Stitch with the embroidery module. I use it for digitizing. It is so much easier and better than AutoSketch. Here is a link to the website -- The Plus version is the one that has both the quilting and embroidery module. This is a great company with great software. The other software package I am familiar with for digitizing is by Floriani - . It is also a fantastic program, but I think Art and Stitch is slightly easier. Take a look at both of them.
  13. Sue E.

    Quilt Path tablet slow...

    When I owned QuiltPath, I was told to send the design to the stitch out page and then go get a cup of coffee. I found this entire system quite cumbersome and slow. Even when it was stitching out, I found the fastest speed to be a crawl compared to what I could do when I owned a CompuQuilter. I now own an IntelliQuilter and will never go back. There is a major difference in the systems. I hope you can get your slowness problems fixed but I really believe (this is my own personal opinion) that the Windows Surface Pro tablets that are used for the QuiltPath are not powerful enough to run the software efficiently.
  14. Mercedes, I know nothing about the geography of Washington, but I was just on the IQ website and found 1 dealer in Washington. You might want to call him and see where he is located and maybe he can give you a demo and answer your questions. He says he installs on all brands. The person who installed my IQ sells Gammills but he works on all brands so don't let the fact that he is a Nolting, A-1 specialist stop you from contacting him. Good luck! Brian Hicks WASHINGTON(509) 687-0359 All quilting machine brands Nolting, A-1 Specialist
  15. Mercedes, my personal opinion is that you really need to check out the IQ. It makes the 2 things that you are wanting to do very easy. It has been several years since I've owned my QuiltPath, but I could not do either of these things when I had it. I fought with the QuiltPath every step of the way but there are others who have done amazing quilting with theirs. Hopefully, QuiltPath has upgraded both their software and hardware over the past couple of years, but I have heard nothing as no one seems to talk about it. Where are you located? There is an MQX Show coming up in Springfield, IL ( ) and I know there are classes on the IQ. I don't know where there are classes on the QuiltPath.