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  1. I've had my Millie since 2005 and I've never seen a stitch count. I believe that APQS machines don't track stitches. If I am wrong, I hope someone corrects me and tells me how to find the count. I've never seen anything or heard anything about a stitch count on an APQS machine.
  2. Have you checked the fuse? I had to change the fuse on my when it stopped working. I know the box says not to open, but my husband works with electricity and electronics all the time and he fixed it. It was quite easy. Good luck!
  3. @jimerickson, Jim, I did see this the other day and have been in touch with Bee. I couldn't believe she was able to pull up such old posts and I actually got online and saw it. You just never know!
  4. I don't know of any "not so expensive auto quilting system" but I have an IntelliQuilter and I love it. I originally had a CompuQuilter for over 10 years and loved it. I then purchased a QuiltPath and I found it difficult to use and it couldn't do many of the things I wanted it to do. I never liked it and found it not suitable for me. I then purchased the IQ and wouldn't consider any other brand. They have the panto only version and the Classic version. I have the Classic and love all the features including no-sew zones, echoing, line path, and lots and lots more. Check them out.
  5. Trudie, there is a facebook group - Friends Using IQ (IntelliQuilter) - that is extremely helpful. Someone there should be able to help you out. There is also a new site (not facebook) - http://iq-machine-quilting-academy.heysummit.com which is wonderful. Check them out.
  6. @Heywyre , take a look at some of these quilts. They might give you an idea of what to do. https://www.google.com/search?q=mexican+stars+quilt&client=safari&rls=en&sxsrf=ALeKk02HiodTqFLGH_we7GG7sLFqkK8NDA:1597454402972&tbm=isch&source=iu&ictx=1&fir=GlDSQsu0uvu4XM%2CHRPER0cY3UtCBM%2C_&vet=1&usg=AI4_-kRn_wwHZaqA8FDyXsKmLonN0UThmQ&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwjPoe-xhZzrAhUTO30KHcNtA2oQ9QEwAHoECAQQIA&biw=1753&bih=1256#imgrc=GlDSQsu0uvu4XM
  7. Definitely do something more challenging. This quilt has some great open spaces that are shouting for fun quilting. Do a google search to see how others have quilted this quilt. I love your colors and your piecing.
  8. Get in touch with Zoltan at IntelliQuilter.com They are now supporting the CompuQuilter.
  9. Are you talking about using the Intelliquilter computer? If so, it sounds like when you set up your layout, you didn't tell it to stop and tie off at the end of the row so you can realign, etc.. This sounds like it is set to continuous which will automatically sew a straight line to the start of the next row. When you go to the sew screen and you select your rows to quilt, you should get a screen asking how you want the transition to be set.
  10. Yes, that is correct. You can get an IQ for your Millie. I have an IQ with my Millie and love it!
  11. Trudie, I'm not sure why you need a magnetic release system. When I had my CompuQuilter, there was a button on the screen you could set to bring the carriage to you to change the bobbin. When you were finished changing the bobbin, you would hit it again and it would return the carriage to the location where it was when you stopped it. I haven't had my CQ for quite a few years now, but I didn't have to release the cable for each new row/bobbin change. Maybe someone who has used the CQ more recently can chime in here.
  12. Wow! Your quilting is fantastic. I love orange. This entire butterfly quilt is gorgeous.
  13. Barb, I was talking directly to Dawn Cavanaugh who was talking with the Grace Company to get the answers for me. Yes, she mentioned that the hardware would be supported but that was basically it. When I had the QP, there were many hardware problems that were not getting fixed. Also, when the people in the group, tell you to send your design to the "sew page" and then go get a cup of coffee while the system works, I found this system to be far from useful. As I mentioned, I was one of the early owners and I would hope things have been fixed by now. I was also very discouraged when it was suggested that I would need to take a very expensive course - travel across the country, pay for a hotel, food, plus the course - to be fully able to learn and use the QP. I was up and being productive with my IQ in a matter of hours! I also suggested to Michelle that she compare the two systems and do more research. I love my APQS Millie, but didn't like the Quilt Path.
  14. This is only my experience and opinion. Please do your own research. I had one of the older Quilt Paths with the older Surface Pro tablets installed on my Millie. I bought the QP from a dealer who used it as a demo. (I originally owned a CompuQuilter for about 9-10 years and was happy with it until the company went out of business). I found the QP was extremely slow and crashed constantly. If any dust or lint got onto the drive belts, the system wouldn't track accurately and I would spend more time trying to realign and ripping out stitches. Even though I was told by the dealer I wouldn't have any trouble updating to the new version and everything was transferrable to me and then a newer owner, when I actually tried to sell the QP I was told (by APQS and the Grace Co.) I would not be able to update to the newer version and neither would the new owner without paying a hefty fee. The warranty of the QP operating system/program was not transferrable. Another problem I had was the system needed to have the firmware updated constantly. It was a real hassle for me. Also, in order to find out more about using the QP and what problems people are having, you have to already own a QP to become a member of their Facebook group. I always wondered about that. Once I had my QP and was able to join the group. I found out the reason why. If I had learned about all the problems, I would never have purchased the QP - I really wasn't able to do all the research I should have done before purchasing my system. Don't always listen to what a dealer says - find out what real users are saying. About 4 years ago I finally was able to get rid of the QP and I purchased an IQ. I have no regrets and have been very happy ever since. I made a very expensive mistake in purchasing the QP. I am not familiar with the newer Surface Pro tablets and if the newer QP program was ever released, but I can highly recommend the IQ. Their support is amazing and updates are FREE. I also know that when I had the QP it was a real hassle to install designs because very few digitizers saved in the format that was required for the QP. Almost all digitizers save their files in the iqp format. The IQ can do more than the QP can do and does it easier and faster. Their Facebook support group is fantastic and anyone can join (check out Friends Using IQ). You don't have to own an IQ to join. Also, support from IntelliQuilter is wonderful. If I were you and was interested in the APQS machine, I would see if I could purchase the machine and not the QP. I would highly recommend you seriously look into the IQ. If you are being told that what you saw the system do was "pretty normal", you'll never be happy with it when you purchase it.
  15. Terry, I am very much a traditional-type quilting gal. However, I think this piece is fantastic. Your quilting is absolutely amazing. Congratulations on being juried into the show. This piece is simply amazing!
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