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Mille acting strange

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Hope that Mark or one of you can help. My friend\'s Mille is acting up. She does alot of pantos and it will get \'stuck" and will only go front to back. I was in the front side when it did this to her once and many of the red lights came on, they did go out quickly so it was hard to tell which ones were on. It\'s almost like the channel lock pops on momentaritly and then turns back off.

The other thing it\'s doing is that if you try to do small dtail work it will work hrozantally but feels like it\'s its getting stuck as well when stitching horizontal. Makes for very strange looking tiny circles.

I\'d call and help her out on this except i work 8 to 5 with only a 1/2 hr for lunch. She\'s a bit timid when it comes to doing "fixes" on her machine or even calling about issues.

Her wheels are OK, the channel locks are not on, there doesn\'t seem to be any regulator issues, her table and machine are level, there\'s no build up in the wheels, her rails are clean, there\'s no thread tangled up in the wheel mechanisims.

any help will be appreciated. jeri

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Hi Jeri,

I would start by checking the motor brushes and cleaning the motor to make sure that is ok. Then I would check the rubber encoder wheel down on the carriage in the back to make sure that it is tight into the larger carriage wheel. If that wheel slips at all then it will only want to stitch front to back in SR mode. Have her run it in manual mode and see what happens, I\'m guessing it is in that black box or encoder wheel that is giving you the troubles. If all else fail, have her call in and talk to Amy and she will get her going!!

Take Care,

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