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  1. Mine is Just Quilting, I changed it not too long ago as I never liked my old name. I also wanted to expand slowlying into other aspects than only machine quiilting for others but everything would be related to quilting,. I wanted to keep it short and simple.
  2. never seen one like that either---don't think I'd try it on my Millie--but I'm very protective!
  3. Used to do every quilt. Now just occasionally with no set frequency but I don't quilt full time. Definately if I start getting thread shredding (usually means a burr) or breaking often, if it pops going into the fabric, or if I've just done a quilt or practice with lots of hevy background filler. I also unless it's just been changed when I do my monthly clean the rails. When I quilted full time at least once a week .
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