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  1. they are fun and easy . Made one for my boss for Christmas. With a Joanne's coupon and sale fabric it didn't cost much either. She loves it!
  2. I quilt barefoot or in just socks and keep a pair of clogs handy to make me taller when I need it (smiles)
  3. thanks good to know I can accept them through paypal but that's a pain Don;t have a smart phone but I think that's in the near future
  4. Quiltazoid wins hands down I have both . Love Marlyn's micro handles but the fence not so much.
  5. did piano keys across 2 borders recently and it worked well
  6. do they weight the edges of the quilt down at all? I use no roll elastic and large safety pins as suggested by Dawn years ago. The lack of weight on the edges keep my quilts nice and flat without having to deal with cutain rods etc.
  7. I do the same thing Bonnie. It's sometimes surprizing what a thread color will do. I'll even sometimes try out a few colors that I don't think will be the choice and sometimes they are just the one for that quilt or my customer will pull a few off my shelves as well.
  8. Are you using a different brand of needles than the ones recomended?
  9. What a neat quilt! Love the brights with the black background
  10. My samples just arrived, Won't have much of a chance to try it until the weekend unless work eases up a bit. Lots of people out sick and the busiest time of our year so that means long days for some of us.
  11. Sheri I sent you a u2u and yes my prices match the ones on the Fil-Tec web site except for their closeouts. I don't have sky but I can always add whatever to my inventory.
  12. Sheri, I sent you a u2u . My prices match the ones on the Glide site.
  13. You can see white chalk with a black lite. Be very very careful using the black light powder--it comes with lots of warnings for inhaling and getting on your skin. Kinda scary
  14. no website at this point. I'm at work and don't have my current inventory with me. I usually work 7-3:30 central but it's tax season so end up staying late this time of year-- I work for a mutual fund company -- so am working a couple extra hours today I'll ck when I get home for blue sky
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