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Okay, Questions????


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Tonight I decided I would put a small quilt in and just do one of Deb's Designs Allovers, I felt pretty confident, Chris and Linda were here Saturday and we went over all of the stuff that we could'nt get to last weekend. But nevertheless I felt pretty confident I could do it its five rows. Piece of Cake!!! HA

4th row about halfway thru the thread breaks, I back track no problem ? NOT... Its on the mark knows where its, the needle is up, I hit R and it goes for the bobbin does not get it and comes up on the screen saying needle is not in up position so I hit enter it goes down and almost rips the quilt... So now its off.... back I go to the front of the row to start the pattern over because its now off and I backtrack through the whole thing get back to where the thread broke and it does the same thing. !! Okay I can handle this its just me I'm new to this....Back I go again and again and again. Okay am I doing something wrong? Chris? Linda? Anyone?? Regardless Of this slight bump... Did I mention I am having the most fun with this It's just the greatest!!


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