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    Baby gift

    Made this little quilt for baby shower gift for a coworker. I’m new to ruler work and am pleased with the result. Just needs binding
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    Just a little peek of my Grandson's quilt and Neighbor's daughters quilt. I found my grandsons quilt pattern in the Fons and Porter Love of Quilting August 2013 Magazine, but changed the fabric up quite a bit to suit my grandson. The other quilt is a quilt pattern called Walk About designed by Ann Lauer and sold by Grizzly Gulch Gallery. Easy to make. I made the girls quilt out of Strawberry Shortcake fabric and Nemo fabric. I have no place to hang a quilt for good pictures, so please forgive me for the poor quality.
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    BOM quilt pic

    Missy; A picture is worth a thousand words. That may get you more input, and suggestions. Cagey
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    Hi, Don't know if you have had a long arm before....but I would encourage you to go slow with purchasing rulers until you have a chance to use your wonderful machine a bit.....if you absolutely have to get something.....I would make sure I get the ruler base that attaches to Millie......this is used to support the rulers you use on top. I would also get a small straight ruler that is comfortable for you to use when you stitch in the ditch.....that would be a good place to start...and then add slowly...I don't have many rulers....but I only use one or two of them on occasion....More people will chime in I am sure.....Lin
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    Sue E.

    Pantos on a Millie 30

    Merry Jo made a good point about the size of the head. When you are testing the machines (I doubt there will be a Millie 30 for you to try), see how far you can reach. You will need to be able to see and reach to the very top of the quilt if you want to be able to align smaller rows or see where to set your needle. I was told (this was long before the Millie 30 was developed and introduced) not to get something that was too big for my arms! Yes, now I would love a bigger quilting area but I don't have the width space in my quilting room. Have fun trying the machines at the APQS roadshow in January.
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    14 Dec - 5 PM CST

    Only 8 hours and 45 minutes remaining in your opportunity to "Win a Millie". Get your entries in. I am sure Dawn is getting her dialing finger all warmed up for the big reveal. Cagey
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    Pantos on a Millie 30

    You're correct that the fewer advances, the less time you spend on a quilt, as that's a more efficient way to work. How much time that actually saves may not be a huge amount, but it all adds up. That being said, it also depends on the density of the design you are quilting. Same is true if you're hand-guided. I've done pantos that take maybe 8-10 minutes across a quilt and some that take almost an hour, both freehand or computer. That's why all pantos are not the same price and are also priced by sq/inch. I've quilted some dense pantos were it's taken a very long day to finish one queen quilt, other days I may get 3-5 small ones finished in a day. I also use the zipper system and have lots of sets, so as one quilt is running, I can sit and pin the next 4 quilts. Then I zip one off, zip the next one on and get it started. Then I'm back to unpinning the first and pinning another on the zippers I just took off. Very efficient way to work and save time. I think this is one of the greatest advantages of having a computerized system. I can even sit and piece when I run out of zippers, lol. The nice thing about digital designs vs. paper is that you're able to scale most designs. That's great in my opinion. After years of paper pantos, I've found that sometimes you have the perfect design for a quilt, but the scale is to large or small for the quilt. Computers definitely solve that problem. If it were me and I could afford the new Millie 30 and a computer system (I have a Millie 26 w/Quilt Path), I would go for it! If I were free handing, I would stick to the 26 as the extra space would be wasted as my arms aren't long enough and I couldn't see all the way back to the rail!
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    Pepsi Girl


    I love ruler work. So I have way more rulers than anyone should but that is partly because I didn't wait and see what was out there and what I would like. Lin is right take your time and do get a ruler base. My favorite rulers are ones with handles, such as Quilters Apothecary or ... I can't think of the other brand but if you start looking you'll find them.
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    Sue E.

    Pantos on a Millie 30

    I don't have a clue as to how many quilts you could do a day, but I like the IntelliQuilter for ease of setting up pantos and all other designs. I had a QuiltPath but I fought with the software - my brain just would not work with the way the QuiltPath functioned. I think you need to check out both systems and decide which one is a better fit for you. As to the number of quilts per day, I believe it would depend on the size of the quilts, how fast you can load and unload quilts from your frame, the ease of setting up the computer, and the density of the quilting itself. I have a friend who can do 3 or more quilts a day on her system. I would never be able to do that many. I am very slow at setting things up and I take lots of breaks. Also, I don't quilt for others and am not trying to have a business.
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    Love them, looks like a real labor of love.
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    Newbie Questions

    I'm right handed so left to right in the front feels natural. You can go either way. I have a computer on my machine and it quilts in both directions with no problems not even thread breakage. I think what sewingpup has hit the nail on the head, moving the machine smoothly in both directions should work fine. If you thread breaks going right to left, slow down a tad to reduce needle flex. I use a neutral thread on quilts with a lot of colors (unless it's super custom), usually gray, linen or mossy green.
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    Baby gift

    gorgeous I love it
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    This one was a Squeaker!!

    This baby quilt was done for a first time quilter. My customer made this for her very first grand-daughter who is due later this month. Unfortunately, she had not understood or forgotten that the LQS told her to leave extra fabric and batting on all edges of the quilt. Actually I think she simply followed instructions on how to prepare her quilt if she was quilting it on her domestic machine... She really wasn't quite sure but anyways... When she called me she told me that the quilt had been trimmed/basted and pinned and was ready for me! Yikes! Well, I said "bring it over and let's have a look and see what we can do". Thankfully she had left enough backing on the top and bottom so that I could add fabric to the backing to be able to load the quilt with my leader grips. There was barely enough extra on the sides and I was able to quilt it and keep it square without having to add extra fabric. I literally had about 1/2" of backing on each side... Had to watch QP VERY carefully as it quilted near the edges! It was quilted with Yipee Ki Yay panto by Patricia Ritter. Superior So Fine on top and Magna-Glide bobbin on bottom. Thanks for looking.
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    Baby gift

    Adorable quilt and I love your quilting!
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    Baby gift

    Awesome work!
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    Sue E.

    Baby gift

    This looks great and really cute! Your ruler work looks wonderful!
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    Business Name

    My business name is Forever Designing...I came up with that because I've sewn my whole life and have always tried different sewing ventures to make money. Thankfully I found my niche in longarm quilting, but should I decide to do other things besides just quilts, I feel my name would encompass anything I might attempt in the fabric world. What are some things you like, the town where you live...these might give you some ideas. It's hard to make suggestions not knowing anything about you.
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    Baby gift

    CUTE quilt!! Quilting is Fabulous too!
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    Baby gift

    Wow! That looks awesome and your ruler work is wonderful.
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    Gathering Baskets

    Really really love this quilt...love the colors....love the pattern and really love the way you changed up the border on the sides. Very unique.
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    Grandmother's Flower Garden

    Oh my goodness....how pretty that is! Two questions: 1. How long did it take to quilt all of those tiny flowers? 2. Did your eyes ever cross while quilting them? LOL.
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    Ribbon for Rita's Quilt!

    Wow...what an honor. I, too, still miss Rita's wit and of course her quilting. Sadness and joy all mixed up in one. Hope "Himself" has a wonderful Christmas.
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    Love both those quilts...I love the way the blue on the first one and the green on the second one just pop out. Excellent quilting. They are going to have a great Christmas with these gifts.
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    Yes you're right it is Strawberry Shortcake that wa my other daughter. After 30 years I can't be responsible for my memory
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    Wonderful quilts and beautiful quilting. Deb.
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    Wow! Those are awesome! They're going to love them!
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    Nancy, the fabric says Strawberry Shortcake, 2004 (LOL) (yes its old) those characters from Cleveland, Inc. Used under license by Fabrics by Spectrix, so I am not sure about the face of Holly Hobbie. This fabric came out of my stash. Of course, you should see my stash. I need to take a picture of it and let you see. I love my stash of fabric. Some of it came from my sister after she sadly passed away in 2014, but I have a whole end of my sewing room in all cabinets, and they are full of fabric. Thanks for all the compliments everyone.
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    Ribbon for Rita's Quilt!

    Thanks, Libby! I did post it on the We Love APQS page when I posted it here, since it seems many Forum members have switched to that venue.
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    Ribbon for Rita's Quilt!

    Awesome, Betsy. Of course you get to keep the ribbon as you were the quilter and pattern designer. It was satisfying knowing that I still remembered which blocks I made. I'm so glad he's using the quilt. I'm using this post as a reminder to send him a Christmas card and a thank you for letting us know about the quilt. On facebook go to the WE LOVE APQS page, post the quilt and the story with it. I know everyone would love to read about Rita's quilt.
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    Dawn posted this file to the Quilt Path user group on Face Book and gave me permission to post it here so we could have a link to it. Also, for those who are not on the Face Book Quilt Path group. Her message was: Error Message: Unable to Connect to Quilt Path-- a recent Windows Update has caused several QP users to receive this error. If your tablet is connected to Wi Fi, it may download the Windows Update automatically. Please refer to this attached document for information on resetting your Quilt Path, as well as recommendations for your tablet's operating environment. Dawn's Unable to Connect To Quilt Path Error.pdf
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    I always have trouble with ribbon candy. You did a wonderful job.
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    I love feathers and leaving the open heart unquilted is perfect.
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    Beautiful. Love the feathers!
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    Cathy; I for one believe the pictures turned out wonderfully. The feathering and quilting designs are gorgeous. Great job, and thank you for sharing. Cagey
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    Those are lovely and I am totally in was of your feathers on the pink and green one. I want to quilt that beautifully one day.
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    Nice work, Cathy! They will love them.
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    Grandmother's Flower Garden

    Aw, thank you Yes, that's all freehand. The quilt was huge... lots of petals to build some serious muscle memory.
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    New* True 1/4 Foot

    I bought it and it works great. I tend to do a lot of ruler work. Before purchasing this foot, I would always need to compensate and plan how to do ruler work in order to be accurate. Even so, sometimes the lines would not be accurate. I have to say I bought the interchangeable set when it came out, thinking the ruler foot included in the set was a true 1/4" foot. It is not. Now I rarely use any of those feet. If I had to choose, I would definitely get the 1/4" foot. You may need to raise the hopping foot a tiny bit to accommodate the new foot.
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    New* True 1/4 Foot

    I recently purchased one just for those reasons. I have a quilt coming up that is going to require me to use a circle template a lot. I haven't as yet put it on my machine, but I am glad to hear that it works well.
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    Need help managing my business

    Maybe you should raise your prices. You don't want to suffer burnout. I do mine on a first come first serve basis. That being said, I have a list with clients names in order I receive a request to quilt their quilts and a need by date. That gives me the wiggle room to bump someone ahead in line if need be. I don't like to keep a lot of customer quilts at my home at any one time in case I were to suffer a fire or natural disaster. I call the customer when I'm a few weeks from working on their quilt so they can bring it to me. I should clarify....are your prices lower that that of other quilters in your area? If you are priced significantly lower, then that may be the reason you are so busy....and therefore not being paid what your time is worth.
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    Circle ruler, uneven results

    Lisa E, I'm looking forward to hearing how it goes with the 1/4" hopping foot! I think I have the right shaft (picture above) but would double-check before purchasing. If this improves results I'd spring for one. It would be great if this came standard with APQS machines.
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    Client's Labrynth Quilt

    I finished this quilt recently for a client. She absolutely loved the way it turned out. It's great when the pieces fall together and the client celebrates the job with you!!!
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    Does IQ need Bliss

    The bliss is so slick with the IQ. Talk about sweet. Zeke
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    Thank you so much! My machine was working fine. Then I turned off & unplugged everything for Thanksgiving week. When I tried to resume quilting yesterday, I got the "unable to connect" message. Dawn's instructions worked, and I'm back in business- literally.
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    BasiQ Installed!

    WOW! I knew everyone said the IQ would make a difference for my turnaround time, but seeing is believing!! Installation was last Tuesday, I have completed 9 quilts - and I am eating and sleeping So happy with my decision! My business is pantograph only so I went with the BasiQ, refurbished. I love the ease of adding pantos and how easy it was to learn, but the major change is in how I feel after not standing and doing pantos all day. Just had to share my excitement with ladies who speak my language! lol
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    Bliss Quilter

    BasiQ Installed!

    I work full time, so the practice time didn't allow me time to produce quality of quilts that I wanted. With the IQ, I have pushed out 20 quilts since Christmas just on the weekends. And I am able to bring my IQ with me from the Nolting 23XL (Dave has on sale here on the Used Machine forum - know of anyone looking for a great deal send them to Dave) to my (I can't wait for her to get here) APQS MIllie. For a small fee I can take IQ with me. I also still do some free hand as I haven't learned to do the "NO SEW" area on the Classic. Check out the Christmas Tree Quilt on my web site http://www.blissquilter.com/ (under construction). I was able to take the patterns and make it fit into the small pointed areas and to break the snow flake original pattern up to fit my needs. This cannot be done on the Basic. A row can be done in mintues instead of hours. Also, I can piece will IQ is sewing. Multi-projects accomplished. I have watch all of Helens' YouTube vidios and others - Check them out it will give you an idea of what little time it takes to sew. I cannot wait until I retire soon so we can play all day, everyday.
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    Quilt Path vs. IntelliQuilter

    In my opinion, the absolutely best thing about ANY computerized system is that they remove 90% of the math from quilting. I'm a mathematical IDIOT, and that's 99% of why I wanted a computerized setup. Anyone can learn freemotion, and mine is decent, but math mastery is probably going to evade me forever.
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    IQ questions

    Shelly, I certainly couldn't do custom queens in a day. However, with IQ, I can do a 2 panto quilts a day as all my physical body is doing is advancing the quilt. I'm not physically stitching. I also have a Millennium so the throat space allows me to cover more ground then if I had a smaller throat like a Lenni. The biggest physical toll for me with IQ is going up and down the stairs because I will go to a different part of the house and do something else while it is stitching. Then, when IQ beeps at me, I go back downstairs and advance the quilt. The up and down of the stairs is harder on me than advancing the quilt. LOL! I have started taking Fridays off so I can have a day just to stitch for ME. Otherwise, I never do anything for me.