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  1. Hi Teresa R. Yes, my Lenni is still available. I just replied via APQS forum "message". Please let me know if you do not receive it or if you want to contact me directly. Thank you.
  2. Hi Stevi. Jim is correct...my Lenni has a 20" throat. (Thank you Jim. That was very kind of you to reply in my absence). My Lenni has a stitch regulator with option to quilt in either stitch regulated or manual mode. Needle up or needle down positioning. LED lights with switch for black light option. Hartley ruler base, laser light with two locations for use (from the back of the machine or the top). Clear plastic sheets for overlay on top of pantographs. Horizontal thread holder. Elastic straps with clamps. It has been meticulously handled and cared for and has everything you need
  3. Hi. Yes. My Lenni has a stitch regulator with option for either SR or manual mode. It also has LED lights. Ruler base. Horizontal thread holder, etc.
  4. 2010 APQS Lenni with 12' Standard table for sale (Temecula, CA) $4500. Excellent condition. Please see photos & further details posted under "Forums...APSQ Machines...Lenni and Lucy" Reply to JudyN if interested. Thank you.
  5. For Sale (in Temecula, CA): 2010 APQS Lenni Longarm on 12' standard table. Excellent condition. $4500. I bought this sweet machine from the original owner in 2016 and have completed 17 quilts on it. The stitch quality is outstanding! It will be sad to let my little Lenni go but I would like to upgrade to a longarm with computer capability.