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  1. And welcome from all of us down here in TEXAS!
  2. Sew fine 50 and bottom line. And I wind my own bobbins!
  3. Deloas Itty bitty...lots of lines, little castle tops on the ends, a small curve on the other side and fits perfectly in my big hand.
  4. I was really interested in Marshalls classics 6 yd flat folds. I'm always needing a couple yards of solids for something. Thank y'all. I have two types of piecing customers I want to keep happy: the economical, budgeted minded and the quilters quality only!
  5. What is your opinion of Marshalls Dry Good fabric quality .. their Classics as compared to Moda (or other quilt quality fabric) as well as compared to JoAnn's or Hancocks, etc. I think all fabric has its own place and use. Thanks for your opinions.
  6. Look over on pinterest...there are pics of the crosshatching, one way diagonal lines with pearls around the edge, and other simple designs. I like the crosshatching!
  7. Look at its easy to use, lots of choices of themes, colors, customizations, etc. great customer service day or night and it's economical. I don't spend a lot of time on it, but it does the job for me.
  8. Oh my gosh! How sweet! A big shout out to Accuquilt!
  9. The video is great...I shared it on my FaceBook page too!
  10. Deloas castle or her Itty bitty.
  11. I use their crosshatch rulers and really like them.
  12. Anybody have any ideas where i might find something digital (not embroidery) of Charlie Brown, the Peanuts gang, Snoopy and Woodstock? Thanks for any ideas you might have! 8-)
  13. Anybody have any idea whats the name of this pattern? Thanks. 8-)
  14. I have a jiffy...gets hot quickly and doesn't spit.
  15. The quilting definitely made this quilt! What you did transformed it to a real beauty! 8-)
  16. I have a Reliable Velocity V50 ... it has an auto-shut off override so I can leave it on as l-o-o-o-o-o-ong as i want! LOL!
  17. And here''s my I Spy quilt with its recipient! (I added a few Star Wars blocks.) What a Blessing!
  18. Quilting can definitely be a ministry ... it blesses the giver as well as the person receiving the gift. its a tangible act of God's love using the willing hands of His obedient servant. Keep being obedient!
  19. It depends on the theme of the quilt (if there is one). I've used basketballs and hoops, baseballs and bats, theater masks, musical notes, etc and stippling.
  20. I've only been quilting for hire for about 18 months and have quilted 116 quilts. (I work full time to support my quilting habit right now.) 1) I couldn't do without my quilt path ... I'm a perfectionist and my freehand quilting is not perfect ... but my quilt path is! 2) for me, it really doesn't take a lot to set up the patterns in QP .. import the designs, tweak them to resize and fit the quilt and you're ready to go. I don't digitize my own patterns ... I purchase patterns from those who are experts in that field. 3) 80% of my quilts are done with Quilt Path; the other 20% involves free hand and ruler work and sometimes there is a combination of quilt path, freehand and ruler work. 4) i haven't had anyone say anything bad about using a computerized system ... it gives so much flexibility in designs that I could never freehand. The quilting designs are unlimited! My customers are new quilters, experienced quilters, traditional and modern quilters as well teenagers to grandmothers. 5) Yes, I was very nervous when I first started (and still get that way today). I did a few charity quilts that I got a friend to critique - a friend who had used several different longarmers over her piecing career ... and it was really she who told me I was ready! LOL! I couldn't do without my family on this forum! 8-)
  21. What a great job! And those pics are ALL over Pinterest! 8-)
  22. I have the honor of quilting a grandmothers flower garden that belonged to a ladies great grandmother... of course, its hand pieced and the fabric is very fragile. I've searched the forum back to 2009 for pictures and any other comments, but i still need y'all's advice. 1) I'm thinking the traditional SID inside the hexis would be too much quilting and put too much strain on the fabric and thread. what do you think? 2) if i choose the traditional SID, how do i travel from one hexi to the next without starting and stopping in each hexi (or is that possible)? 3) I've seen several GFG done with a Baptist Fan, but i don't want to use QP on this quilt just in case something hiccuped and I think the baptist fan would also be too much quilting. ??? 3) DellD has a beautiful GFG done in a little swirl that I think might be perfect, but just looking for any other ideas or pics you might have. Y'all are always so much better than any craftsy class, QNNTV or youtube video. Thanks again for being willing to share your abundant expertise! 8-)