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  1. And welcome from all of us down here in TEXAS!
  2. Sew fine 50 and bottom line. And I wind my own bobbins!
  3. Deloas Itty bitty...lots of lines, little castle tops on the ends, a small curve on the other side and fits perfectly in my big hand.
  4. I was really interested in Marshalls classics 6 yd flat folds. I'm always needing a couple yards of solids for something. Thank y'all. I have two types of piecing customers I want to keep happy: the economical, budgeted minded and the quilters quality only!
  5. What is your opinion of Marshalls Dry Good fabric quality .. their Classics as compared to Moda (or other quilt quality fabric) as well as compared to JoAnn's or Hancocks, etc. I think all fabric has its own place and use. Thanks for your opinions.
  6. Look over on pinterest...there are pics of the crosshatching, one way diagonal lines with pearls around the edge, and other simple designs. I like the crosshatching!
  7. Oh my gosh! How sweet! A big shout out to Accuquilt!
  8. The video is great...I shared it on my FaceBook page too!
  9. Deloas castle or her Itty bitty.
  10. I use their crosshatch rulers and really like them.
  11. Anybody have any ideas where i might find something digital (not embroidery) of Charlie Brown, the Peanuts gang, Snoopy and Woodstock? Thanks for any ideas you might have! 8-)
  12. Anybody have any idea whats the name of this pattern? Thanks. 8-)
  13. I have a jiffy...gets hot quickly and doesn't spit. Www.jiffysteamer.com
  14. The quilting definitely made this quilt! What you did transformed it to a real beauty! 8-)
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