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  1. I always prewash I had a red fabric that ran after anyway. I went and rewashed with sos from quilt shop all came out.
  2. Thankyou so much! will start by getting saddle stool, hurts to even use domestic machine
  3. What height should I look for in saddle stool ? Don't know much about them. I don't want back to keep me from quilting. Tried a nerve root blocker and made spine swell so another set back. I love to quilt so need to win the back battle.
  4. I have a millie. Physio only help was to sew 1/2 hour at a time
  5. I could use some help, had a car accident in nov which makes it hard to stand for any period. How do you sit and quilt I do some free motion quilting. But find it hard to stay consistent because away for days at a time from pain and a little shaky. Can u do pantos from chair? When at front do you work in small sections. Any Ideas are appreciated have had a quilt that should take 2-3 days on for 3 weeks and only 1/2 done thanks for any ideas and chair ideas I have machine set hight to lean on belly bar. I have low back issues
  6. Did you try a piece of batting and clean all the wheels thy can get really dirty fast. The wax will help hold dirt
  7. Happy Mother's Day to all my Apqs friends hope you can spend some time with children or at least talk to them
  8. I had that problem, I took the cover off so I could see hook assembly. I slowly turned and found the smallest scratch and that was what was breaking thread
  9. Has anyone seen a pantograph like the Egyptian eye? Looking to add some modern ideas for quilts I can free hand squares and swirls. The rest is sadly lacking so still working on.
  10. Good for you I'm sure you will get the work you need
  11. Thankyou I thought I was stitching to loose and would come out when washing. I tend to sew with 11 will increase stitches.
  12. Just wondering using the regulator how many stitches to the inch do u use I want to use circle maker don't want stitches to come out after cutting all the thread. Thanks leigh
  13. Oma what a wonderful thing to do. They will both be able to remember. I hope you are feeling better soon.
  14. How much is a 1990 ultimate quilt machine worth no fabric advance not regulated? Older model table 10 ft?
  15. Praying for speedy results and that everything is ok. You have all our support
  16. Has anyone been able to quilt out 1 difference in center? Her quilt is 90/108 right after border jumps to 91 inches wants a panto
  17. I have used w&n polyester and Hobbs 80/20. Is there a wool that washes I have been afraid to try it. Thanks in advance
  18. Are these a plastic core bobbin? I have used the paper sides but tension changes when I get half through
  19. Please don't give up. I like quilting with pantographs and meandering. Did a quilt free motion with treble clefts for my brother I spent a lot of time with a pencil and paper before I touched the quilt. Hang it there it will come
  20. Thankyou forgot to say wool was looking at by the meter and no instructions. Will try finding those brands I think it would be warmer than the cotton and like to try. Warm and natural is getting so thin, have started to think about two batts
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