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  1. You can see the winners on the page right above the long arm give away there is a spot to click to see winners. Wasn't me either sigh
  2. I have back issues as well Zeke can u post picture of your handles thanks
  3. Fabricland in Canada has don't know what shipping would be 9-16 dollars
  4. Does anyone have any books for using Hartley fence I am a self taught quilter. haven't found a teacher, live in southern Ontario. But can have shipped to port Huron Mich.if anyone has . I can't thank all the people on forum for the help over last year .
  5. How do you know what the tension on Bobin should be?
  6. Thankyou for the Hartley fence. The sale was fast service great. If anyone is looking to purchase they were great!
  7. Does anyone have manual on how to put together and use Hartley fence my email address is llquilts@hotmail.com thank you for your help. Apqs has been a great support group
  8. Do u have attachments for quilting from the front?
  9. Still looking to buy pantos. Would like interlocking patterns anyone buying computer that has some to sell ?
  10. Interested in circle lord front stylus and anything for quilting from front of machine
  11. Me as well they had as sale while I was on Holliday. Me good friend personal shopped with I phone pictures and bought me 68 meters. She is a very good friend. Fabric was 75 % off
  12. Leigh


    Does anyone know where I can purchase a quiltazoid and templates? Shipping to northern michigan or southern Ontario
  13. Where are u located was wondering about shipping cost intrested
  14. Joanne fabric is carrying a large colour online for kona cotton
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