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  1. I appreciate this information especially right now as I'm selling my 1st machine and other than cash was wondering what forms of payment I want to accept. I know there have been problems with bogus cashiers checks in the past.
  2. For those of you in business, how did you (or your accountant) depreciate your machine? Did you take the section 179 deduction up to the max allowed the first year? Are you depreciating it the normal way over time? Thanks, Michele in upstate NY
  3. I have a 17" Voyager machine that has the complete Dekkt Out Quilting Supply electronics upgrade for sale. It is on a Hinterberg Stretch frame, which is currently set at 10 feet, but the length can be changed just by you purchasing new conduit at a local hardware store. The upgrade included new RAM handles, new encoders, a greatly improved stitch regulator, 5 stitch modes (Equate ie SLR, Baste, Cruise, Ruler and Robotics), new LED lights including ultravoilet and laser, needle up down, etc. Included also are Red Snappers, hopping foot, bobbin winder, extension base, Towa gauge, zippers, 50
  4. I'm going for the day on Friday with a friend.
  5. I remember you telling me about his problems at the quilt show and I've been keeping all of them in my thoughts and prayers. They are absolutely adorable and I'll keep hoping for the best outcome for Landon.
  6. CBing I currently have a Voyager. Feel free to message me and ask any questions you have.
  7. I can't get in either the last couple of days. My count of entries went to 0 on Thursday I think and when I try to get back in it tells me that I'm already registered. I didn't do anything to clear out my cookies.