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  1. Well YIPPEE, thank you all. I worked with Amy at APQS, and she surmised that the machine had jumped a tooth in the belt. So she talked me through the process of making it jump back. Quite an amazing process . I told her it was a lot like a chiropractic treatment for the machine. But when it was all done, Lucy was sewing again with a smile on her face ! I know we all know it, but APQS is an awesome company ! Thanks, Amy
  2. Hi - Thought I would update - I spoke with the Amazing Amy and it might be I can just do a belt adjustment ! She sent me videos, and once I find Allen wrenches and do a little Yoga to slow my heartbeat down, I'll be doing this chiropractic adjustment on my machine …
  3. Thanks to you both ! Helpful info.
  4. Hi everyone. I have a Lucey, much loved. Unfortunately, I hit a ruler, but did not have jam,. The needle broke and dropped out of the machine on to the quilt. I put in a new needle and all seemed fine. Since then it has dropped out several times in just a few hours of sewing. I have changed needles, am using a correct needle, and it is not bent. The screw to hold the needle seems to be working fine, and I am sure the needle is inserted all the way and in the right direction. But now my needle is hitting something at the bottom of the trip down, hitting and stopping. My bobbin is out of the machine. Even by hand I cannot get the needle to complete its trip down. Without the needle inserted, it goes down and up just fine. It is behaving like the needle is not inserted all the way, but it is...……. I am not sure where to start the troubleshooting - looking more at the set screw/needle? or just proceeding to a retiming? Many thanks for ideas. Kathleen
  5. A happy George owner here writing in to reassure anyone who finds they have to re-time their machine. I lived through it. I had a bad needle break, and George jammed up and wouldn't hardly move even with the flywheel. APQS to the rescue sent me a video, and , holding my breath, I worked through it, with a little help from hubby. It was very scary, but if you just follow the video, step by step you take the bobbin/hook assembly apart, and put it back together... I discovered that a bunch of thread had wrapped around the shaft, thus preventing things from turning, which is obviously not good. So today, all put back together, sewing away... beautiful stitch. What a great machine ! And thanks to APQS for such great customer service.
  6. ps - APQS has the feet "for sale"... not "on sale".... oops, sorry !
  7. I am totally pumped now about rulers on George. I bought one 3/8 inch ruler, and gave it a try with some simple parallel lines and the 'standard' foot. Here is what I learned... 1) Holding the ruler still is NOT so hard. You already have two hands on the quilt - now you just have a ruler UNDER your hand or hands. I went nice and easy, and got beautiful parallel lines. 2) the ruler doesnot want to slide so much - now I was doing straight lines, which helped. 3) Like the posters above - I was a little nervous using the regular foot... 4) I wrote Dawn Cavenaugh at APQS, who sent me a file showing the potential feet, and recommended a source for rulers as well. She is the expert, and so helpful. Just use the "Contact" button on the website. summary: this is completely doable - and the lines I stitched look wonderful - straight, regular, and beautiful stitches. I had been really disappointed at not being able to do straightline designs - now I can ! APQS has the feet on sale on their site. I'm ordering !!!! Love having new toys... Thanks to all who are posting on this topic.
  8. Readers - I think she may have mis-typed above about that Nexcare tape... it's certainly not $44.00 a roll !!!! More like $4.49 or something like that ! I have ordered some rulers - can't wait to try this !
  9. Great replies, guys - thanks!!! Kathleen
  10. Hi ladies - a question for George users - is there more tendancy for the quilt to stretch on a George than a longarm or a DSM? I quilt a lot of charity quilts - and sometimes a top that looks perfectly square ends up ripply after quilting... other quilts will turn out and lay beautifully flat. Should I assume the problem is the sewing on the top, or should I be thinking about what I am doing? I usually start with some basic SID and cross-hatching, then move to more decorative stitching. thanks for any feedback. Kathleen
  11. Superior threads now makes a thread stand that switches from vertical to horizontal as you need it to - it sits beside the machine - I just bought it but haven't used it yet - but if you need this, you might want to pull up their web site. It looks quite ingenious!
  12. Hi - just another George owner saying hello. And seconding the others who say that the support staff will help you with whatever the noise is. My machine clicks if my needle is not positioned just right - but it sounds down near the bobbin... don't know if that might be worth checking. And, that pesky tension - seems almost impossible now that I had trouble with it - now if it is not sewing lovely stitches, I just crank it real loose, sew on a practice piece and gradually tighten the tension until it looks right... just never have any problems now. I love my George - and since buying it, I no longer have piles of quilts awaiting quilting... Now I have piles awaiting binding!!!! Enjoy your new baby. Kathleen
  13. Thanks, Lyn. I have some great lightweight stabilizer; I will try that. Never occurred to me it wasn't cotton, but I did notice it felt softer than any cotton I had ever felt before - that should have been my warning, I think! thanks for writing in.
  14. Hi everyone - I'm writing to see if anyone else has had this problem. I quilt a lot of charity quilts on a sit-down George machine. I'm a very good quilter, George works great, and all is happy... Until someone sent me five quilts to sandwich and quilt. I did them like all the others, with the same kind of batting, thread, tension. Same sandwiching technique. The first one came out sort of ok, bearable, but ripply... The second one looks like the Rocky Mountains - ripples,peaks, mountains. It stretched out so bad the rows of the quilt are nowhere near straight... every block is poofy , EXCEPT on the border fabric, where everything is fine. It is INCHES out of square. So - there's the clue - the fabric. The fabric that stretched looks lovely, is very soft like a polished cotton. Another quilt I quilted the day before this one came out fine, so I know it's not something with the machine. It's the quilt. Anybody had this happen before? My kitties are gonna get a nice blanket, cause this is now trash... But I have three more from the same lady, and I hesitate to touch them until I figure out how to quilt them. Thanks anyone for ideas. Kathleen
  15. Hmmm, interesting. I think I will oil and see if it changes. I think it must be a symptom of some kind. Thanks.