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    Grammie got a reaction from sew sweet in REDUCED:::APQS 2012 Lenni WITH BLISS   
    Reduced to $7800.00
    LOTS of extras noted above.
    Once our home is purged we plan to travel full-time.
    Can't take it in a Motorhome.  lol
    Also Fabric for sale $4.00 to $6.00 a yard
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    Grammie got a reaction from dbams in REDUCED:::APQS 2012 Lenni WITH BLISS   
    SOLD to a Wonderful lady.
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    Grammie reacted to Grammie in 2012 Lenni with Intelliquilter for SALE REDUCED 04-14-15   
    REDUCED 2012 Lenni with 12 foot table with Intelliquilter System.  $18,500
    Located in Westcliffe, Colorado
    Happy to install with reasonable distance at no charge. 
    Shipping is at the cost of the Buyer and will average about $500.00. I have all the boxes and proper shipping that came with it.
    It has been my second system for a few years and now that I am quilting way less for others and may stop all together to travel so I am selling.
    I love this machine as I have loved all my APQS systems.  Will provide New leaders (not that it needs them now) and new zipper system.
    Hundred of designs and just so much creativity awaits you.  I have pics on my facebook at
    I am happy to send them by email as well.   I am happy to discuss training as well.
    The Lenni is so light weight it is a joy to do freehand on. It would make an excellant 2nd system also for those of you CRANKING out those ETE quilts.
    Intelliquilter is an awesome computerized system and has hundreds of designs to get you started.  I have lots of extras to get you going in the right direction.  Also has the bobbin winder (NEW never used) and some rulers and NEW Base plate by Love the Quilt for ruler work.  Will make sure you have what you need for a great start.
    The Lenni is on the 12 foot table and is BLISSED which a dream to quilt with.
    Contact me at
    For questions phone 1888 504 9907  (This forwards to my private cell phone)
    HOME number is 719-783-0421
    Also can locate me on Facebook as Tammie Baggett
    Grammie Tammie
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    Grammie got a reaction from IBQLTN2 in Grand Illusions Mystery quilt by Bonnie Hunter   
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    Grammie got a reaction from Corey in Opening up SHOP   
    Well I do not plan on competing with the Qshops. I will be strictly Longarm. I will have some retail items. I want to sell gifts for quilters and sewers. I plan to carry Really nice selection of Scissors, thimbles, needle cases and such. Only a small amount. I will carry WIDE Backs and Dream Quilters a small selection. I also plan to sell my Novelty quilts I make myself, Some of my embroidered homemade gift baskets. Again this will be a very small part of my business. Once I see that the potential to grow and fabric and tools would do well I would consider this but I do not see it as of yet. Just focusing on longarming for now. I would like to carry a small selection of some wonderful yarns Hand dyed that could be used on the longarm with the water soluable products for scarfs and such but do not know where to get it right now.
    I phoned several Decorators in the area to discuss what needs were out there and I was surprised to find they were excited that I phoned. I am not committing to this step just yet but I am going to visit with a few when I get back from IMQS classes to educate myself on this. I will have different prices for the decorator jobs if I agree to any.
    I am in no hurry. I am working on my Business plan now and I have a clear vision of what I expect and although I have high expectations I am also realistic. I will take my time at this. I still have my fulltime job so once I have the property I have much more to do before even opening up. I do hope to have some employees when the time comes.
    I have so many ideas running through my head and I just know in my heart that this is going to be a success. I do not know of another longarmer in my area that is taking this in the direction I am hoping to.
    Thanks for all your advice. Keep it coming. I need you all to help me keep my feet grounded.
    I really appreciate all of you.