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Looking for SMALLER BLISS Table for APQS Freedom (2012)

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Located in Missouri I am hoping to find a shorter Longarm Table.  My machine is a FREEDOM and it must be a BLESS rail system. I currently have a 14ft that does not fit the space I'm in.

Until then I am hoping to find an 8 to 10 ft so that I can be at least quilting smaller projects and test IQ designs.  I'm weighing out options.  Even a small tabel allows for baby quilts and quilting projects.

A BIG THANK YOU.  I'm happy to either pick up or pay for shipping.  PLEASE SHARE IF YOU know someone.


MY EMAIL IS grammietammie2014@gmail.com and I am on FACEBOOK also.  Tammie Baggett.  Feel free to  Private messenger me and in that space where phone and such can be shared.

God Bless you.  Grammie Tammie



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Yes Sir.  I have been put in touch with someone who might can do this.  I was hoping not to as I'm certain to end up with a larger work space.  Looks like it could be my only option.  Again thank you for suggestion

Grammie Tammie

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