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  1. Mercedes the beads are pretty expensive (that's what I used). I would check with the hospital before making. I remove the bead sleeve before washing ... don't know that you'd find anyone at the hospital who would be willing to take care of them ... if used by more than one child it would need washing quite often. JMT
  2. You wack those spots with a hammer. Lay it on a solid surface place a piece of muslin on top and then wack with your hammer. Sometimes it works, sometimes not. Good luck and yea for your mother.
  3. I'm not a young something, I'm an old something and I LOVE LOVE the quilt. Grandchildren are so special and like you I would do anything for mine. No truer words were spoken than what you said about your grandson. I do want to ask did you use 3 different grays? The blue certainly hit the spot. Oh and the random triangle look is very very popular on many blogs. You hit the nail on the head. thanks for sharing.
  4. Brenni thank you so much I received my I Spy fabrics today. Thanks to everyone .... love the fabrics.
  5. Thank you ladies. The rainbow effect came out perfect but it was a lot work crawling around on the floor .... it's my favorite quilt on my bed at the moment. I agree sometimes the jelly roll technique doesn't come out .... they do make nice charity quilts. Thanks again.
  6. I made a controlled aka 1600 quilt from my scraps. I layed out each row then stitched. I did hear Jenny from Missouri Quilts say to sew the jelly rolls strips just as they come off the roll. I haven't tried that method yet. I believe it was on her youtube video.
  7. I cut out a disk from pressed foam, it sits on top of the cone post. No more thread getting caught on the cone.
  8. My swap squares were mailed today. Thanks for organizing.
  9. Yes I'm in. I have no clue how to IM so I'll wait for instructions from you. I make tons of I Spy quilts. Thank you.
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