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  1. Norah, Did you find an IQ yet? I have one I'd like to sell,
  2. This is a great video!!! Very eeasy to understand!!! Thanks Angela
  3. You guys should go visit Shana in Alaska!!! There must be a trucking route there that Rex could land!!!
  4. Beautiful!!! I wish I was the Debbie that quilted these!!! You do fantastic work!!!
  5. So beautiful!!! the tall flower you showed is Fireweed and the short one is Forget-me-Knots, Allaska state flower!!! You did a great job, of course that's no surprise!!!
  6. You just post on the thread(subject) and your response puts it up at the top of the list.
  7. Enjoy the grandbabies!!! There is nothing better!!!
  8. CiCi from Slidell, LA is safe in Atlanta for those wondering!!!! Looks to me like Mr. Isaac was k nocking on her very door!!!! Hope her hubby, Brian, didn't answer the door!!!!
  9. Looks sOOOO cool !!! I bought the pattern in Fairbanks, Alaska a couple weeks ago. I had to ship stuff back so it isn't here yet but I love seeing it again!!!!
  10. Janette, Lenni isn't getting completely left out, just the vertical wheeled ones. You could upgrade to a horizontal wheeled and to the computer system. I know that involves more money but it can be done.
  11. So what is the difference between this and the $12,500 model the rest of us have?
  12. I went to One Song Needle and managed to find it and 2 others I "needed"!!!! Thanks for sharing!!!
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