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  1. Norah, Did you find an IQ yet? I have one I'd like to sell,
  2. My Lenni leaders are attached with Velcro!!! The fuzzy side of the Velcro is attached to the poles with some kind of glue. The loopy part of the Velcro is on the leader. How easy it will be when I need to replace them!!! A little pricey for the first time, but, especially with a Demo Machine (which mine is), it's nice to have an easy way to put nice clean leaders on my machine!!
  3. Connie, will you be at the meetings in Alexandria VA the end of April? My DH is Emergency Manager for U of Mich hospitals and I am coming with him to the meetings. I plan to see a couple quilt shops while he is working They are at the Crystal Mariott I think
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