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  1. Sharon, thanks for the tip on the arrows. That's important and I hadn't even thought of that.
  2. Angie, thank you so much. At least now I know what I need to buy to get started, and how to get started. This helps a LOT.
  3. The actual canvas fabric is all I received as well. Maybe they do have instructions and will send them once they return from the quilt show this week. I did send an email asking if they had instructions. If I get something through email, I'll let you know. P.S. I do recall someone from APQS telling me you could use Duct Tape to secure them to the rollers. But I think you're right in needing some helping hands to keep them straight across the rollers while you tape.
  4. I found something, but not exactly replacing, but at least a good way to square ends of canvas and attach the zippers. Written instructions with pictures and a video at bottom. http://quiltsnkaboodle.blogspot.com/2010/04/attatching-zippers-to-longarm-leaders.html
  5. Is anyone aware of some good instructions on replacing canvas leaders, especially with using zippers. But any instructions will help. I have a 2008 Millinnium with 14' table. I browsed the index in the manual, but didn't see anything there.
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