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  1. Pretty quilt. I remember making this back in the late 80's in pink and blue.
  2. I printed out this pattern from claudiaquiltshoppe several years ago and still haven't made it. Might have to now. Love the quilt.
  3. I find my seam with the machine, put a window lock (or 2 small alligator clips) on the rail where I want the panto to stop. I have to recheck it each time I advance but the head won't go any further than the locks.
  4. My 14' table and head came by Roadway.
  5. Gadget girls has some really nice rulers. I have quite a few.
  6. Check out Bonnie Hunter's site quiltville.com. She has one called Pineapple Blossom that can literally be made in a day.
  7. Tracey Browning of constantine quilts has some really good tutorials and I bought all her rulers.
  8. They cut what you order. I've ordered a couple times and got exactly what I ordered.
  9. WOW! My old Nolting did that too. Since I can't smell, my daughter told me it smelled like burning tires. The motor had burned up.
  10. I'm with Linda. I like the control by pinning. The only time I ever float is when I do a DWR or any other quilt with uneven edges.
  11. Also check your bobbin to make sure it isn't "out" of round.
  12. I would feather around the lighter green, CC the darker green triangles and a simple fill for the white. Since the sashing is so small, I would just SID it and feather the border.
  13. I'm with everyone else. You should be recognized for the work you do.....and paid. I've seen almost all magazines name the quilter. What galls me (and I have stopped almost all my subscriptions) is that people are using age old patterns and magazines are putting "designed by" by the maker. Why can't they put "remade by" instead of "designed by"? I've also seen quite a few books where the quilts were offered as free patterns on blogs or sites and they imply that they designed them.
  14. I use baby powder/cornstarch for dark and baby powder/cornstarch with a little cinnamon on lights put on with a foam brush.
  15. I try to take a piece from the border side seam and applique or fuse from under the hole.
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