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  1. What a beautiful way to honor your friend. I'm sorry for your loss of your friend.
  2. Hi Rebecca Grace, I have tried to change my old e-mail on my profile and it doesn't show up so if your still interested in the micro handles, here is my new e-mail: pjnoonan48@yahoo.com. Thanks
  3. You're welcome - that's one of my favorite patterns to stitch into sashing or narrow borders. And thanks for the compliments.
  4. When my friend dropped it off, she was giving it to her sister for her birthday. When she picked it up she was thinking she would keep it! So I don't know where it will end up but my friend loved it. Thanks again for all your kind words.
  5. Good morning. And congrats on your new Millie. Re thread, I'm sold completely on Glide thread and manga bobbins sold on www.bobbincentral.com. The bobbins have a small magnet that holds very good to your bobbin case (be sure to take out the bobbin spring first). Those threads work so well together I almost never have a tension issue. I do have the micro handles, but I didn't use them very often. I'm not a micro quilter as I thought I would be due to health issues. I would be willing to sell them if your interested. I agree with Libby to practice free motion a bunch! I used a small white erase board on my lap while watching TV doin feathers, spirals, well anything you want to practice. That helped a great deal. I also bought a bolt of muslin that I could put on my machine to start with and practice what I had been drawing. And welcome to the forum.
  6. A very nice quilt and the quilting is great.
  7. That turned out great. Love that pattern and I'm sure Chris will love getting it. I pray he will be healed .
  8. Yep! You nailed it with the triangle. Makes it pop!
  9. I have missed my old friends from the APQS forum as well. Thanks a bunch Heidi
  10. This is a design I learned from Myrna Ficken and I'm not sure why but on this one I start on the right side of the quilt. You can change those spikes to feathers as well. I call it bamboo shoots but I guess dragons teeth works too! Here is a diagram on my dry erase board of the pattern. It is a continuous pattern but I don't try to turn a corner with it as I can't get it to come out right.
  11. This one was completed by the same friend and she did the angel with Brazilian embroidery. I used so fine on top and a poly blend batting on this one.
  12. This is a friends quilt I quilted for her. It's for her grandson's birthday. The first pic is of it before I started the quilting.
  13. And another thought, I would do CC's on the squares
  14. This is a quilt I finished a few years ago. The black sashing strips coordinated with the outer borders only they were done larger with some leaves attached to the curls. The bars were mirrored into pairs and if you enlarge the photo, I hope you can see the stitching. Just an idea for you.
  15. Congratulations on your beautiful quilt that was recognized for your skills and it will also bring back those memories for you of helping and loving your Pop.
  16. Your quilts are Georgeous!!! Loved the animal quilts especially the elephants and the giraffe! And all the quilts with all the little pieces - amazing. You must have the patience of A saint! Great job and thanks for the video tour.
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