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  1. On 4/18/2017 at 6:41 AM, RebeccaGrace said:

    Yes, I doodle feathers and spirals all the time, on my iPad, on my church bulletins during the sermon.  It definitely helps!  Patti Jo, I emailed you directly re: your Micro Drive handles.


    rebecca Grace 

    Hi Rebecca Grace, I have tried to change my old e-mail on my profile and it doesn't show up so if your still interested in the micro handles, here is my new e-mail:  Thanks

  2. 3 hours ago, Mary Beth said:

    I have been trying to figure out what to put in a border on a quilt I will be putting on the frame in a few days. Thanks for sharing this, I think it will work perfect.


    5 hours ago, delld said:

    Myrna Ficken taught me that yellow border design 8 years ago when I first got my Millie. She called it 1,2,3's. I had the hardest time doing it. But she helped me and I love and do it all the time!!! Of course I count One, Two ,Three the whole time I'm stitching!!!! The quilt is beautiful!!!!


    Glad to add to everyone's bag of tricks!

  3. Good morning.  And congrats on your new Millie. Re thread, I'm sold completely on Glide thread and manga bobbins sold on The bobbins have a small magnet that holds very good to your bobbin case (be sure to take out the bobbin spring first).  Those  threads work so well together I almost never have a tension issue.  I do have the micro handles, but I didn't use them very often.  I'm not a micro quilter as I thought I would be due to health issues.  I would be willing to sell them if your interested.  I agree with Libby to practice free motion a bunch!  I used a small white erase board on my lap while watching TV doin feathers, spirals, well anything you want to practice.  That helped a great deal.  I also bought a bolt of muslin that I could put on my machine to start with and practice what I had been drawing.  And welcome to the forum.  

  4. This is a design I learned from Myrna Ficken and I'm not sure why but on this one I start on the right side of the quilt.  You can change those spikes to feathers as well.  I call it bamboo shoots but I guess dragons teeth works too!  Here is a diagram on my dry erase board of the pattern. It is a continuous pattern but I don't try to turn a corner with it as I can't get it to come out right.