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  1. Love the look of feathers on this pinwheel quilt!
  2. I'm doing well. I've moved into a smaller house in a gated community. I'm still doing long arming, but not in business anymore. I don't advertise and only do a few for friends and myself. For the first time since I moved I here three years ago, I finally am enjoying gardening again and taking time to actually read a book for enjoyment and not to learn something. I still am going to the Moxie meetings (one coming up in July) and getting together with my quilts friends. I've also joined a group of 'Older Wiser Ladies' known as OWLS and we have meet once a month and this past week went to the Portland Japanese and Rose Gardens. So I'm staying busy with it all. So far I'm still kicking - not as high as I used to, but still kicking!
  3. Well, I'm glad that there are some familure faces. I still don't know how this forum works, but I hope to catch on before long.
  4. I've not been on here for at least 3 or 4 years. I got so busy about the same time this new forum came into being that I never really learned to use it. I decided to jump in here to see if there are still people I knew back when. Would like to get back into the swing of things here. Take care, PattyJo
  5. I have a Hartley base and love it for all of the reasons stated above. When using a longer/larger ruler, you have more stability than you would on the Ruler Mate.
  6. Some of you know that my hubby had to have heart valve replacement. It's been a month since his surgery but recovery is a slow go! I haven't worked on my strip swap quilt for a couple of weeks as dr visits and just being chief cook and bottle washer seems to take up most of my time. And as far as my quilting goes, well God knows when I don't have time to do any customer quilts and my Millie has been sitting and collecting dust for the last month.......Oh we'll, He does know best. I'm sure when George is back on his feet, the phone will ring and there will be a quilt to do.
  7. Mine is 87.5% done! LOL, just a couple of borders left till I'm done and can get it on the machine. Trying to get life to slow down so I can " get r dun".
  8. Beautiful quilting on that. Your customer will love it!
  9. I'm still working on my quilt top and I'm designing it as I go, well designing may be a bit to energetic of a word,but I'm trying to add fabrics from my stash along with all the strips to make a KING (Yikes) size quilt. I hope to be able to post pics in the next day or two, but too much life is getting in my way. I'm resigned that I won't be the fastest to get a top together but I'm sure enjoying getting a quilt for me done! And thank you Linda for putting this together. You are a sweetheart
  10. I think mine must have come on Sat., but just picked them up today in our little post office here. Beautiful fabrics. Can't wait to get them all stitched into a beautiful batik quilt..... I love Batiks
  11. I'm just reading this and will also be praying for the Lords touch on Elmer and for His Peace for Cheri and the family.
  12. I wondered when it was first aired. The Public Broadcast station that we get here, doesn't always have Fons & Porter on, but I have them set in my DVR and so when they have the show on, I get to watch them but I never know as they aren't consistent with their programing. But it was good to see those rulers on this Show!.
  13. Very pretty quilt (fabric choices and pattern) and love the quilting
  14. I was watching my recorded programs tonight and Linda Rech's cross hatch rulers were being used by Joanne Hoffman on the Fons and Porter show. Joanne showed how she used them in her Angel Baby whole cloth quilt to do the cross hatching behind the baby. Yahoo Linda and Denny for giving us such I a cool tool.
  15. I just got home from the hospital and they have moved him out of ICU and into critical care. He walked from his ICU room down to his new room. This was about 3 this afternoon and he hadn't had any pain meds today until after he got to his new room. Then he asked for some. What an amazing recovery so far. They initially said he would be in the hospital 7 days and now they are saying he will probably go home after 4. For myself, George and all the family, again we thank you for the prayers.
  16. Today was really a long one but also so many prayers were answered. We had to be at the hospital at 5:30 am. The nurses got him prepped and then surgery started about 7:15. At 12:30 the Dr found me and let me know he was in ICU Aand the surgery went very well. At 2 pm I finally got to go in and see him and he was AWAKE and they were getting ready to remove the breathing tube (the dr had told us that because he is an ex smoker, he may have to have this for several days and maybe even weeks!). By 6 pm tonight 3/4 of all drip medications had been removed and he was sitting up! Thank you, thank you, thank you for all the prayers. He has answered every one of them. I'm very tired so I'm having a glass of wine and then going to bed.