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  1. Welcome to the forum and I agree with all the coments about your beautiful quilting. The swirling motion that you have on your feathers is so pretty and really adds to the quilt. I'm sure your mom will love this most attractive quilt with the beautiful quilting on it.
  2. What a blessing for you and your family - little girls are soooo much fun :D
  3. I love the ferny quilt and so glad to see your smiling face too!
  4. Catherine - that's why I changed my profile picture to the sun set!!!
  5. A Mr. Clean Magic Eraser works on the Bohn white chalk marks. I use a Generic brand of Magic Eraser to get rid of loose chalk as well as the Bohn mechanical chalk pencil marks and it works like a champ.
  6. did this work? Well, what do you know, I'm not as dumb as a stump after all !!!
  7. Quilter's Rule also has an "Oval - Circle" grid that is the same size as the whole cloth grid and a set of 3 smaller grids that are marked to help do blocks (90 degree, 45 & 90 degree, and 60 degree) up to 14"s. I use the 3 small ones all the time and now, after seeing the whole cloth one used for borders and corners, it will be used more also! Thanks for posting this Carmen. As far as using this for a whole cloth quilt, I would do as someone above mention and put 1/4 of the design in the grid, then you can transfer the design onto your fabric. If you use a light box, you can even transfer it onto black fabric if you use a dark dry erase pen on the grid. Be sure and turn the dry erase marked side of the grid away from the fabric so that you don't get that on your fabric as it doesn't come out! In using the smaller ones for blocks, you can transfer the design onto your quilt by using your laser light. I have a pattern port and put my laser light on the front of the machine and so I'm quilting from the front of the machine.
  8. Oma, I' m sorry that you have to go through this again. I'll be praying that they get it all this time and that the prognosis continues to be the very best.
  9. Recouping from 2 days of painting at the new place and had a massage today. It felt sooo good. Probably no quilting for this next couple of weeks as we are in the middle of getting the new place ready to begin moving. Good to see those quilts, Oma, I hope that you heal quickly, Linda S.- beautiful quilt, Linda R - smiling with you for all those happy customers of yours, Heidi - MIL's can be a handful and yours is definately a challenge. I'll be thinking of and praying for you tomorrow. And I love the chocolate bunny quilt!!!
  10. Very cute quilt and beautiful quilting Lisa. Thanks for posting the pic.
  11. that is beautiful. Great idea about the ironing board to help mark stencils while the quilt is on the frame.
  12. Thanks Linda - Another reason for a trip to the dollar store.
  13. Great quilt Linda. I like your idea that it needs to go somewhere that many people can see it. No quilting for me as new hubby and I are getting ready to move to his home about 50 miles south of Salem. I have my home in Salem up for sale, and we are hoping for a quick sale on it. Moving was the last thing that I wanted to do as I've only been here 1 1/2 yrs, but his place is on 5 acres and it has a huge shop that he can play in. The home is bigger and there is room for my Millie and a room right next to that for my domestic machine and stash. It will definately be a transition for me and old home week for him. We are going to be doing quite a bit of painting and some work in the kitchen, but it will be a good home for us. So probably not a lot of quilting for a bit until we can get all settled.
  14. I got this from a friend and thought that I would pass it along......made me chuckle. "Sunday after church, a Mom asked her very young daughter what the lesson was about. The daughter answered, "Don't be scared, you'll get your quilt." Needless to say, the Mom was perplexed. Later in the day, the pastor stopped by for tea and the Mom asked him what that morning's Sunday school lesson was about. He said "Be not afraid, thy comforter is coming."
  15. Ditto to all above. I love to keep track of all the different quilts and stuff that we are all involved in. Bekah, I hope that your eyes are all better soon. Awhile back, I had a burn on my eye from a grease spatter. Very painful and I had to wear a patch to keep my eyelid closed for a couple of days. No fun working with one eye.
  16. Wowers' Linda - Another one stitched out of the park by you. And I love your treatment of the blocks. It's perfect and I'm sure that the happy couple will cherish this one for a long time. :D:D
  17. Well, here it is again, a Thursday and I haven't done anything quilty to report for this week. We've been busy getting ready to enjoy the long weekend. So what has everyone else been doing today? I enjoy reading all of the comments,looking at pics of quilts and grands and critters that are embedded in our lives. Take care all and have a great Labor Day weekend,
  18. What a neat block. I love the colors and you did a reallly good job on it.
  19. Bonnie - I thought that I posted here, but my computer wont go to page 2 so this may be a duplicate. I was pinning your pics almost a soon as you put them on Pinterest. I agree that this is a wonderful quilt and you can almost smell the ocean cause it makes me think of the shore. You did good girl!
  20. Bobbie - I've got you pinned!!! love your quilting and the quilt too. Great job.