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  1. Beautiful MerryJo - I can sure see why they want you to quilt it. I love it. I too wish I could see this one in person.
  2. Oh, Kenna - what a wonderful treat to see you back on here. I've thought and prayed for you many times over the past months. As far as news from me, well last June, my son and DIL adopted another little girl from China. Bekah was a year old when they picked her up. She is a doll - - - - and the best news for me is that I met and married a wonderful man named George. NancyJo posted some pictures from our wedding (March 9, 2012) if you want to check us out. So glad your back. I've missed you. ;);)
  3. Your freehand is keep on going girl!
  4. Congrats Debbie !!! It couldn't have gone to a better person
  5. Hi all - First, thank you Debbie for your outstanding hostessing! Your home all decked out for Easter really put the "Spring" into the meeting. And everyone is sure a good cook. Lots of laughter and great to get back together again with friends. Wonderful food - next time I've got to wear those elastic waisted pants. I didn't get pictures of all the quilts cause I forgot my camera and then it dawned on me when we were down to the last of all of them that I had my phone. So these pics aren't the greatest, but here are some of the quilts shown. Most of these were made and quilted by L
  6. Linda - you bringing this to the Moxie meeting was fab-u-loso!! I didn't see the cream thread on the red embrodery, so I'll be she won't either. Mauvy darlink!;)
  7. Thank you all for your thoughts and prayers. I still don't know anything of who or why - her body still hasn't been released and the plans for her memorial service still are pending. Still so many questions and I don't know if we will ever know. This is just heartbreaking for her 3 kids and close family. I just keep shaking my head trying to make sense of it all. And nothing about this makes sense.
  8. I just got a call from my sister and found out that my cousin was murdered this last weekend. She was 59 and lived in Monroe Washington. Her 3 kids, mom and brother as well as all her extended family are just stunned. What a tragedy. The investigation is ongoing and there have not been any arrests as yet. I'm praying for the family and the police dept to find out who has done this horrible thing. so sad.......
  9. WOW - what a way to wake up and find all of these messages from my quilty friends. At this point, we are both very happy that we found each other, and no, I haven't figured out how to get the LA in the motor home, but I know my domestic will fit, so I can do some piecing while we are on the road. Love you all and thanks for all the good wishes to us. :cool::P:D
  10. Going to be saving this one and try it out on the New Mr. ;) Thanks Shana
  11. I'll be there when the pitcher of margaritas are ready!
  12. Ashley has such a clear strong voice and I can see why your are a proud Nanna! Beautifully done
  13. Beautifully done. It's a good thing when our kids push us a bit! (but only a bit - haha)
  14. Debbie -- thanks for opening up to be the next Moxie hostess. The 24th works for me, the 31st is the NW Quilt Guild show at the Expo center in Portland and I will be doing that show.
  15. Me too. I know that Sheila and Al tried to get one in last fall, but the weekend wasn't good for most people and/or a bit too far for some to drive, so any Moxie's interested in hosting a get together this spring that's a bit more centrally located ?
  16. It has been real hit or miss for me to get on here lately, but has anyone been talking about the next moxie meeting - when and where? I think George wants to meet all the people that I've been talking to him about cause he's wanting to know and so do I!
  17. Kristina, I like Heidi's ideas on the cc's and the background to make the stars pop. Something more detailed in the centers of the stars and whatever you do in the green borders, whether feathers or domething else, I would do the same design in both of them. I love that quilt btw, your color placement on the white and green looks good to my asymetrical eyes (not that they are that way! haha)
  18. Thanks everyone. We are going to make every day count for something :cool::cool::cool:
  19. Well, in one week from today, I'll be getting married to one of the sweetest guys. George and I are amazed that we are both able to find love again after our respective spouses passed away. We are amazed and ready to start this new adventure. AND . . . . so many of you walked through the last 4 1/2 years with me, that even though you won't be here with me in person, you will be with me in my heart. Love is in the air! Honeymoon will be in the motor home where we will go where ever the mood sends us. And he said that he would do the dishes!!!:cool:
  20. Even though She's off fullfilling a life long dream for her birthday, I just thought that I would get this posted as she needs to know how much we all think of her. HAPPY BIRTHDAY dear friend. :cool::cool::cool::cool::cool::cool::cool::cool::cool: Be sure and use that sunscreeen !
  21. Laura, just seeing this and searched back to find out what is going on with you. I'll be adding my prayers along with all the others. Hang in there girl, and yes keep up that good sense of humor! I think that's God's way of helping us cope with stress. Glad that you have your quilting to keep you busy while your waiting.
  22. Lin, I've been absent so much the last few months that I'm just seeing this. My prayers will be joining all of the others here and I love your attitude also. I read your post about not shaving our heads but to shave our legs! Made my day:D:D:D. I also have a friend who went through Chemo and she started with straight med brown hair and when it all grew back in, it is a beautiful salt and pepper with one wide streak of white and it came in curly and wavey and much thicker too! I'm also praying for your hubby. Sometimes the stress that he will go through is not noticed and yet he will be t