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  1. We recently moved across the country and were very careful to dismantle and reassemble Millie and Quilt Path properly. Today I tried using it for the first time. The tablet was connected to our wifi & updates should be current. I put it on Airplane Mode when I began my quilting session. Everything seems like it's going to work correctly, but when it should being stitching, it seems to be in simulation or trace mode. The needle will go down to pull bobbin, but won't raise on its own. I manually raise it and press "sew" but it glides over the quilt as if in trace forward mode. I've unplugged and replugged everything, switched it all off and on in the correct sequence. Any suggestions??
  2. Hartley Fence/Circle Maker for Millennium table with Blissed rails. Never used, still in original box, with manual; If purchased new: $500 My price: $75 plus shipping
  3. Hartley Fence/Circle Maker for Millennium table with Blissed rails. Never used, still in original box, with manual; If purchased new: $500 My price: $75 plus shipping
  4. I did one last week for a customer and had a lot of problems with that one slick-finished t-shirt. Millie kept skipping stitches- I removed the stitching, but the needle left big holes. I ended up tracing the pattern forward (Quilt Path) and picked up the stitching where the pattern left the slick part of the t-shirt. Once the whole thing was finished, I went back and retraced the open holes with quilting using my home machine. It was a lot of work and caused me a lot of worry, but in the end, you couldn't see that there was ever a problem!
  5. This is model H502. The manual says it is for use with Millennium, Freedom, Discovery & Liberty. Fits Bliss table. I am not familiar with the Ult, but perhaps this model will fit on it. I'll dig around and see what I can find out. Thank you.
  6. Selling a brand new, still-in-the-box, Perfect Circle Maker by Hartley Mfg. $140 plus shipping. Currently listed for $295 retail. Set up and instruction manual included. Please convo me if interested. See attached pic taken from website. The longarm attaches to the adjustable arm on top to make perfect circles of varying sizes.
  7. I am selling 16 different paper pantographs, all in very good condition. Entire set for $60 plus shipping; will not separate. Please convo for shipping arrangements. Star Swirl 14" Digitech Tropical Leaves 11-1/2" Deb Geissler Asian Flower Elegance (set of 3) Deb Geissler Dancing Leaves 11-1/2" Deb Geissler Prickle Patch 7-1/2" Lorien Quilting Harvest Winds Petite 5-1/4" Patricia Ritter Leaf and Scroll 11" Keryn Emmerson Floral Meander 15" Diff'rent Strokes All the Way (set of 3) Diff'rent Strokes Funky Fleur-de-lys 10-1/2" Featheration 13-3/4" Golden Threads Feather Me 6" Golden Threads Leaflet 5-1/2" Golden Threads Ground Cover 11" Golden Threads Sorrell 8-3/4" Golden Threads
  8. Thank you so much! My machine was working fine. Then I turned off & unplugged everything for Thanksgiving week. When I tried to resume quilting yesterday, I got the "unable to connect" message. Dawn's instructions worked, and I'm back in business- literally.
  9. I have made the rope and sized it correctly for my customer's quilt. It stitched out perfectly. woo hoo!
  10. I'm trying to create a simple cable design with 4 repeats. I've gotten as far as creating one using arcs & figured out how to reverse the stitching at the end, but it wants to stitch the tops of all four and then the bottoms- and they don't quite meet in the centers. I tried using a spline line, but "select all" for editing ruins the figure-8 stitching pattern that I'm hoping to create. I've spent hours on this today and am giving up in favor of dinner. I'll experiment with the merging idea. Thank you for the suggestion.
  11. Has anyone tried to design your own quilting design using the Design and Create portion of Quilt Path? I am trying to create a simple design. Instructions in the Help file are woefully inadequate. I have found a more detailed Help file posted by Grace Co, but the buttons & features are not the same as those in the QP PatternCAD. Grrrrr
  12. It makes perfect sense to me. As a classroom teacher, binders/notebooks are a way of life for me already. I have been a Mac person for 2 decades, but had to buy a PC for MQBM and am still learning the ins and outs of using Windows. It seems like every time I go to turn on the laptop, Windows highjacks it for "updates" that take way too long to perform. Being able to access the backup customer files in paper form will keep me from grinding my teeth. My dentist and I thank you.
  13. I also use www.eurekadocumentation.com (Machine Quilters business Manager.) It took a while to set up all of the parameters that I want, list all of my thread choices, etc. And I changed my mind about how to set up some of my charges, but once everything has been entered, it's a breeze to use. You can even take digitial pictures of the quilts- before and after if you want- and include them in your invoices. I also created "customers" for each of the philanthropy groups that I sew for and create an invoice for each quilt that I donate. I'm hoping this will also help when tax season rolls around again next year.
  14. Judi, How did you load QP onto your laptop? Can you drag the whole folder to a USB stick and transfer it that way or did Grace Co. load it wirelessly for you?
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