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  1. Another question to ask yourself is are you making this as an heirloom for future value or are you quilting for the fun and joy of it,( not that creating and heirloom isn't fun)? I quilt for the fun and joy of the whole process, to create my own quilt, to not worry about future value...pure fun! Besides there are so many more quilts I want to make that nothing would be finished if I didn't use my LA to help in the process. I would never get a hand quilted quilt done, I know me and the process is too slow for me. 

  2. Health issues have been a problem this year, which I was totally aware of.  I guess I was just surprised since I have a CQ and there was no announcement to any CQ owners that I am aware of. Selling the business if that would have been a possibility would have be a benefit to CQ owners since now there will be no software updates or other support. It is a good system and runs like a workhorse. I do wish them the best.