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  1. victoriasews

    Fairy Tale quilt

    Very creative quilting!
  2. victoriasews

    Shana’s Easy Halibut

    Can't wait to give it a try. I'd run to the store but the car is in the shop and I have to stay home. Maybe for Olivia's birthday Saturday!
  3. victoriasews

    Using IQ with Leadergrips or Red Snappers

    That has been a frustration with me, too. Just today, I discovered that if I put the extended base on, the RS's don't bump. I wish I'd have thought of that a year ago. It would have saved a lot of headaches.
  4. victoriasews

    Small batik Lonestar

    Oh, yeah, that's a stunner! I'm like Shana looking at those black points, only I can't see what you did there. SID, add a filler, just can't see. Do you have a closeup? I always admire anyone who can get a handle on paper piecing. I once wasted 6 pieces of paper pattern just trying to make a 3 piece picket fence point.
  5. victoriasews

    Pinwheels & Posies

    Such a beauty!
  6. victoriasews

    MQS 2012 - who's going?

    I'll be there Tuesday night and Wednesday till about 6:00... two classes and a quick look at the show.
  7. victoriasews

    Ever refused a quilt?

    A picture is worth a thousand words, so here is the picture. I used to never say no, that is until I met this quilt and quilter. Obviously, this could not be quilted out, though try I did. It was horrible and the quilter kept insisting she was a fabulous quilter and that she used to be a seamstress. Really? Some seams were FOUR inches, some 1/8 inch. It was a full 12 inches longer on one side that the middle! She wanted to bring me another quilt and I told her those kinds of quilts do much better when tied and to use very puffy batting. I learned to say no because there is no way anyone would want a repeat customer like this.
  8. victoriasews

    Deloa Jones MQX Teacher of the Year!!!!

    I'm jumping on the Deloa band wagon! Out of all the classes I have taken over the last 6 years, Deloa's have been the most beneficial. I use her designs every day, from background fills to great sashings. I love her Little One ruler as well as the Boomerangs. I would not be nearly so far down the quilting road without her inspirations.
  9. victoriasews


    It took me awhile to find the block you gave reference to. With all your quilting, it looks like a 2 block quilt, not just one. What a great "creating spaces"!
  10. victoriasews


    You surely put the sparkle in a pretty plain Jane quilt!
  11. victoriasews

    Another kind of patchwork

    Spent quite awhile this morning hosing down all my hostas, peach trees, peonies, and shrubs to keep the frost from killing them. My fingers are frozen but hopefully I have saved most of the plants. I made a pretty picture in my nightgown, boots, and hoodie standing with a hose in the semi-dark. I'm sure my neighbors have something to chuckle about this day.
  12. victoriasews

    Norse Wholecloths

    So very beautiful! Any closeups?
  13. Since it's Grandma, I don't think I'd do e2e. I'd choose a nice block pattern. There are a gazillion stencils out there and I'd get a pretty one and use it over and over.