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  1. I'm looking for a Handiquilter Studio Frame for my HQ16. Im in the North Texas area.
  2. Hi I'm needing to upgrade my quilting situation. I would like a Handiquilter Studio Frame (already have a Hq16, just need to upgrade the frame). I would also be interested in an Ultimate frame and machine. I'm in the DFW area. Thank you!
  3. Thank you! I have the older table, but I'm want to upgrade to the newer one. Oh I'm in Dallas Texas so it would have to be shipped. Thank you again Jan
  4. I'm interested, but would like more info about it? What table Is it? And where is it?You can reach me at djandcobox@gmail.com Thank you, Jan
  5. I have a second one, but I don't know the brand, I will check this evening
  6. Wanted used longarm, ultimate, Handiquilter sweet 16, or something like these. I'm in the North Texas area. Thank you!
  7. Hi, Just wondering about the HQ 16, does it come with a frame, or is it a "sit down" machine?
  8. Hi Libbymc137, I'm sorry I did not get back in touch with you, the holidays are taking their toll! I'm wanting to have a stitch regulated machine, although the price of your machine is great.
  9. Just wondering if you know how it can be shipped and how to get an estimate of the cost? I'm interested but need more information about the shipping.
  10. Hi I'm in the Fort Worth area an would like to possibly see this machine.
  11. Hi, I'm wanting a good long arm with a 10 ft table (hopefully). I'm in the Dallas/Fort Worth Texas area. email, djandcobox@gmail.com
  12. I appreciate all the input. I value everyone's experience and suggestions. I'm still looking and trying to get a bit of info and hands on testing on the different brands. If money and space were not challenges I,like most here, would buy a Millennium! But.... Well you all probably understand that there are limits (drats!). Thanks again, am considering it all right now and welcome hearing of more machines that are for sale Jan
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