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  1. I have a 12' complete set of Red Snappers for sale. $50.00 plus shipping. You can contact me by e-mail @ nora@columbiagorgequilting.com if you are interested.
  2. Just listed on ebay the swirls, baptist fan and 7 treasures templates. King kize!!!!. Super great price, 350.00 each set. Local pick up only for the greater Portland Oregon northwest area. you can view photos of them on my ebay listing. Thanks for looking.
  3. Swirls, baptist fan and 7 treasures, all king size. R&S long boards all king size. I have Bellflower, whirlwind and antigue lace. Because I had them made in one long piece they cannot be shipped so local sale and pick up only. I am selling them all as a lot. $1200.00 cash. Keep the ones you want and sell the rest. you can e-mail me @ nora@columbisgorgequilting.com. I have upgraded to computerized system for my long arm so I no longer need these. Sorry I forgot to mention I live in Washougal Washington which is right by Vancouver Washington.
  4. I have the Janome 6600 professional with dual feed. It has a very big throat space and so many stitches to choose from. I love love love it...
  5. I have a very nice featherweight w/all accessories for sale. Original case in nice vintage condition. $399.00 plus shipping. e-mail me at nora@columbiagorgequilting.com if you would like photos and more infor. Thanks, Nora
  6. I received some very good advise about lawyers. People who go to laywer's don't threaten they go. She is just trying to get something for nothing. Tell her as nicely (I know it is hard) as possible that you have offered to correct the issues she has. Also tell her that in the future to find another long arm quilter to abuse. JMTCW
  7. Mine is vintage feedsack fabric and vintage 1930's 40's fabric. Can't get enough. I use mine, don't just look at it. I will do just about anything for it. It's like heroin I gotta have it.
  8. It is a group of long arm quilters that meet about every three months in the northwest. There is show and tell and lots of really great food. Also some kind of demonstration. It is lots of fun so if you live in the northwest you should go. If not start one in your area...
  9. "M" size Towa gauge for sale. I never!!! have any tension issues so I don't need it. 30.00 plus 6.00 shipping. e-mail me at nore@columbiagorgwquilting.com.
  10. Hello ladies, I am going to buy a serger and was hoping some of you could take a minute and tell what you have and why you like it. I am clueless about sergers. Thanks so much, Nora
  11. Heidi, you did such a nice job on this one. Just beautiful!!!
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