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  1. I've been in business about 7 years and I do 10-15 quilts a month. I am a retired teacher and that pace keeps me busy but not overwhelmed. Word of mouth has been the best advertisement for me.
  2. Ah, Spokane! My oldest son was born at Fairchild and we did love the city with all the beautiful parks. I do quilts for a customer who moved from Nebraska to Oklahoma and when I ship her quilts back to her I email my invoice with shipping added. She always sends her check right away and I am so happy to still have her as a customer since her piecing is excellent.
  3. Mary Beth, I love your quilt and your mother will love it too. Thanks for making me laugh today. You are such a hoot!
  4. You won't be sorry. It is so much easier on the body.
  5. I have had my Quilt Path for about 2 years and I love it especially for e2e designs but every now and then I have a customer quilt that screams freehand custom. Here are a couple of blocks from the Mommy and Me quilt I just delivered to my customer. What fun! Now back to the next e2e.
  6. It is my favorite and I buy it by the roll as well from Quilted Memories. It quilts up nicely every time.
  7. I was using Quilt Path and noticed when it was stitching vertically toward the take up roller that there were little bobbles in the stitching line. I took it out of Quilt Path and tried it using the channel lock and there are slight bobbles in the stitching line so I think it is my Millie and not Quilt Path. Any ideas on what could be causing this?
  8. Virginia, I traded in my head for a new Millie about 1 and 1/2 years ago. I don't remember the price but during show season you can get a good price.
  9. Sheri, that is awesome! Another outlet for your creativity!
  10. I'm with you, Sheri. We need a big show in Omaha/Council Bluffs!
  11. Love the quilt and your quilting is awesome!
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