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  1. Patty Jo they did not set the bar low. Your quilts are beautiful and deserved to be in the show. Pamela
  2. I wore no line bifocals for years and really loved them. The only reason I don't wear them now is that I had cataract surgery and they corrected my eyes for distance. Now I just have cheap reading glasses. I did have someone who worked with me who tried the no lines and could not get used to them. Pamela
  3. Pat, Welcome to the forum and congrats on your new baby. I hope you find someone near you. I got all excited when I saw Chillicothe but let down when it was MO. I live in Chillicothe, OH. You are going to love your new machine. Pamela
  4. I am sorry about your loss of a loving father. Prayers are being said for you and your family. Pamela
  5. Wow, my quilting doesn't look that good. You did great. You would think that since I am retired that I would have time to PPP but something else always seems to get in the way. I like the idea that the nursing home is putting real quilts on the beds. It will mean a lot to the residents. Pamela
  6. I'd suggest southern Ohio but you probably remember the weather when you visited here. Pamela
  7. I'm working on mine. It is going slower than anticipated. Pamela
  8. How can you say such a sweet innocent puppy is a pistol? Pamela
  9. Teddy is adorable. He already has the "who me?" look down. Pamela
  10. Linzi, Couldn't you just tell people that you "accidently" left the r out of primp? Pamela
  11. I vote for the first one too. I love the smile and the eyes. It seems to represent you. Pamela
  12. I would say a minimum of $2000 but I doubt that is what you get. The piecing is wonderful and the quilting really sets everything off. Very few people understand the time, effort, and skill involved in doing a total quilt. Someone asked me to do a king size quilt for him. I told him he couldn't afford me. Pamela
  13. I am continuing prayers for you and your family. Pamela
  14. Wow, it isn't hard to see why it was a grand champion. Pamela
  15. Congrats to the new mommy. You will have a lot of fun with your new milli. Do you have a name yet? Mine is called JJ after my parents, Jack and Joan. Pamela
  16. Happy Birthday Dave. I hope you pull in a big one. Pamela
  17. I am adding my prayers for you and your son to those above. Feeling in his toes is certainly a good sign. Take care of yourself as your son will need you through his recovery. Pamela
  18. Linda, All pilots know that takeoffs must equal landings. Dennis did that. He just crunched the plane a little bit. Pamela
  19. Mine is at least started. I haven't thought about a label yet. Pamela
  20. Terry, Thanks for the idea on how to quilt one of these. I have one of their books but have held off doing one because of questions on how to quilt them. Pamela
  21. Suzan, I just looked at your blog and your quilts are beautiful. Pamela
  22. Congrats on the new "baby" coming. Have you picked out a name? Pamela
  23. My thoughts and prayers are with you, Dennis, his mother, and the rest of the family. DNR and withholding fluids and nourishment is a very hard decision to make. It sounds like Dennis is following his mother's wishes. Take care of yourself and lend support where needed. Remember we are all here to support you too. (((((HUGS))))) Pamela
  24. Penny that was a wonderful story. Forgiving is so hard in that kind of situation. I have a rescue Scottie. He is my loyal shadow. Even now he is asleep behind my chair. He is getting old so he sleeps a lot but always near me. I think that your neighbor must be learning a lot for his community service. Pamela