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  1. Jim, Not going to replace our Liberty soon, going to give the new technology a time to prove out, but the industry has to progress and the Bernina Long Arm is going to force the industry to change for the better.
  2. I don't know the age of your machine or useage, but maybe the motor brushes are worn.
  3. Jim, the electronic tension works pretty well on DW Bernina 640. When the tension changes while embroidering you either tighten or loosen the top tension with a touch of a button. I have to believe it would be the same for their longarm. On the oiling, you still oil the Bernina, but from one central point. I am sure you are aware that Bernina does make industrial machines.
  4. Sue B, it maybe caused by the hook to needle clearence has grown. If you have a 5.0 needle, try that and see if the fraying stops. If it does give Dawn C. a call at APQS, and she will talk to you about the fix.
  5. Wow, we love Magna Glide bobbins. Like Vicki said check your bobbin case for fuzz under the tension finger and then check them on the Towa guage. I will admit to putting the bobbin in backwards and it did stitch, make sure the bobbin is in correctly.
  6. I bought a Elfa drawer system and one of the mesh drawers holds all of her rulers.
  7. DW loves, loves, loves her Donita Reeves rulers. She also likes her Itty Bitty and Deloa Jones, ditch'in rulers
  8. If you go on YouTube there is a video on the Bernina longarm. The twin BSR's are permanently located in the footplate area.
  9. Magna Glide bobbins and a Towa guage for me too.
  10. On the new Bernina Long Arm machine, they have twin BSR's, eliminating encoder wheels and associated wiring, automatic top an bottom tension, interchangeable feet, very short thread path, one source oiling eliminating various oiling points. Lots to like.
  11. We have a APQS Liberty, love the fabric advance. I am watching the new Bernina long arm, lots to like. This machine will revolutionize the long arm industry.
  12. I bought a Pattern Grid at MQX and then let it sit in it's package for 2 years. Finally installed it and what was I thinking, letting it sit for 2 years. I should have bought it when we first purchased our Liberty. The Grid is great.
  13. My wife entered her Butterfly Quilt in the ALS challenge with Quilters Dream Batting. Her APQS Liberty is about 8 years old and we have learned a lot from this forum. If you would like to vote, go to Voting will end September 30th and she is happy her quilt was chosen as a finalist. Thank you for your support!
  14. Tracie, it sounds to me that your hook to needle clearance has grown from age and wear. If you are using a 4.0 needle try going up to a 5.0 needle, if the breaking stops then that tells you need to move your hook closer to the needle. It is pretty easy to do but nerve racking the first time you do it. Give Dawn Cavanaugh a call on Monday and she will help you with this. I know the thread breaking all of a sudden can be frustrating but this should fix it. Good luck.
  15. We like Donita Reeves rulers.
  16. My vote would be for a Freedom SR with fabric advance, hydraulic lift, RulerMate base and Deloa's light system. I have no use for the thread cutter or channel locks and the machine has a much lighter feeling without those attachments. Good luck and welcome to APQS, the best longarm made, great support from the forum and the factory.
  17. I really like the Epson line of printers. Epsons Hi-Capacity ink cartridges are very affordable and you can get their ink overnight if need be. I have never been a fan of HP's, partly due to the fact that they turn the paper 180 degrees when they print.
  18. Susan and I will be there on Thursday and Friday. Susan has classes both days.
  19. DW has a policy of only making quilts from start to finish. She does not take in quilt tops for quilting. Well she made a quilt for a lady that was giving as a gift for her daughter. She delivered the finished quilt to customer and she loved it. Customer asked DW to look at this finished quilt she picked up at a thrift shop and would she add another back and quilt with a panto. DW felt sorry for this lady, Christmas and all, and said ok. I didn't think about it because of the holidays and DW asked me to help her today with the quilt. OMG this quilt was pieces of upholstery fabric sewn together
  20. Make sure that the spring is removed from the bobbin case when using Magna Glide bobbins and set the tension at 200 or 20, which ever Towa you have. I have a seperate bobbin case just for Magna Glides. When our supply of prewound Bottom Line runs out they will be replaced with Magna Glides because the tension is the best.
  21. DW uses Golden Threads paper also. She likes the Linda Mae and Itty Bitty rulers.
  22. The price has been reduced to $500.00
  23. The E-Z Stops are to keep the boards from moving. I have some and used them a couple of times but I now use the bule painters tape by 3M and it work just fine.
  24. I just went on Quilt E-Z's web site to see if there was anything new and low and behold they are having a 50% Off Sale. I ordered a few extra boards so that we can now do 100" quilt tops without moving the boards an also bought the Tree design boards. Price was GREAT!