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  1. WoW what a fabulous surprise .....your hubby is definitely a keeper. Enjoy the journey.
  2. Ann, your quilting is absolutely beautiful as is the quilt !!!!
  3. Janette absolutely beautiful quilting,love it !!!
  4. Libby that is gorgeous...love the circles also love that you ghost quilted the appliquéd flowers.
  5. I chose to go with the IQ, which I purchased last June. I love it. I find the software very intuitive. Setting up a panto takes no more than a couple of minutes. The options for custom quilting are far above the other choices I have seen. Zoltan also listens to his customers and if he can will add new ideas that customers have. I only have the APQS Lenni, but now with my IQ I have horizontal and vertical channel locks plus a thread break detector. Before I purchased the IQ....I demoed the Quilt Path software, but at the time it did not have the options I wanted. Plus I was not very keen on t
  6. Vicki Congratulation, beautiful quilt and quilting !!!
  7. Does anyone know if they make them for the Lenni ?
  8. Libby that is gorgeous, quilt and quilting !!!
  9. I have the same problem with one of my brakes. The first thing I noticed was when I loosed the brake but could not turn the roller. Realised that the Velcro had bunched up inside the brake. I managed to straighten it out, but do need to replace the Velcro and clean my roller. I had thought of trying that rubberized shelf liner as that worked to help stop my QZ moving.
  10. Leann, they both look wonderful...great work !!!
  11. Love your Downton Abbey quilt and your choice of panto is really lovely !!!
  12. Charlotte , that is beautiful , as is your quilting !!!
  13. Heidi , She is a little sweetheart........Happy 1st Birthday Sophia !!
  14. Linda...I'll send the prayers but sorry I have eaten the chocolate .<