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  1. I use a car cover to cover my Millie and it works great. They're plenty big and cover the whole machine and mine packs up in the little case that is attached to the cover.
  2. Thank you Jim. Sounds like it is a little involved but she can now do some more research on who in the area might be able to do this and cost.
  3. I have a friend who is contemplating purchase of an older APQS machine but the table is just too long (14ft). I thought I read a thread on the forum about how to shorten a table however I have been unable to find it. If this can be done, could someone either point me to the forum topic or provide some additional information on how to do this. I've tried a few searches with way too many results to wade through - none what I wanted. Thanks.
  4. It would help if you'd add a price and the location of the machine.
  5. What size tablet comes with this system since it's a 2010. Also, what is the memory on the tablet. Thanks.
  6. I would also be interested in this as I am currently researching computerized systems and IQ is one of them. Mercedes
  7. I have had a similar problem on my regular sewing machine with sewing through several layers of steam a seam. I used "sewers aid" on the needle and it resolved the problem. I have not done this on my Millie . I'm assuming this would not hurt Millie however maybe some else on the list has tried this on their Millie and can speak to whether it might work?
  8. I'm afraid that's a little far. I'm located in Western Washington. Thanks....Mercedes
  9. I found out there is hardware you need to purchase from IQ to modify the Hydraulic Lift positioning and also if you have Bliss. Nice to know that IQ has taken the items into consideration in their setup. Mercedes
  10. Yes, I saw the video with her setup on bliss with hydraulic lift however it doesn't show how she attached the hydraulic lift under the table. I'm not sure if you have to drill holes in the table to do that or attach it in another way. I don't really want to drill any holes in my table or my machine - whatever I purchase or have to modify has to be done without drilling. I'll search on youtube and see if I can find something on how to move the lift. Thanks....Mercedes
  11. I have a hydraulic lift and bliss on my machine. It has two clamps each on the front and back lower rails to hold the hydraulic lift and who knows what else. One clamp measures about 4 inches and the other is 1 inch - there's about 18 inches between the two clamps. It looks like from the videos that I would have to somehow move those clamps so the lower rails both front and back have no clamps (no matter whether I went with IQ or Quiltpath). I didn't find any videos on how to modify that setup. I'd like to move that prior to any install of a computerized system. Where and how do you move the hydraulic lift and clamps so they're out of the way? I'm seeing that any install can be more complicated than I initially anticipated. Thanks....Mercedes
  12. I'm located outside of Seattle, Wa. so no IQ dealers on this side of the mountains and MQX in Illinois won't work for me - too far. Just wondering, has anyone installed their own IQ on their Millennium and was it a big deal or fairly straight forward?
  13. Jim: It's very hard to know what I want because I've never used a computerized system so don't really understand all they can do or can't do for me. I do know I want the "no sew" option because I do a lot of embroidered blocks and want to be able to quilt around the embroidery in the block and the ability to adjust the pattern in side the block (even for wonky blocks). It's good advice to try and decided how I want the system to help me however I don't do well with imagining what I might want because I don't know what I don't know - that really sound funny doesn't it. Hmmmm, the one task I really want the computer to do for me is "load the quilt on the frame" - too bad it can't do that! I appreciate the input and will continue to work on a list and see where that takes me.....Mercedes
  14. Thank you Sue. I've been reading the many posts on the forum on both systems however many of the posts are outdated so I don't know if the questions/answers are even still valid. I'm trying to determine what are my "must haves" however I don't know what I need or want. I was hoping there would be a list somewhere on those features you just can't do without and then start from there but I haven't found one. Neither Quiltpath or IQ do a comparison of other systems to theirs so unless you know what you want - I don't know how I'm ever going to compare them. I realize these systems have updates and change all the time however a list of the main features and those features everyone uses consistently would sure be helpful. I did start a list based upon some of the forum information however I don't even know what those features do. It's a good thing I'm starting now as it's probably going to take awhile to figure this all out - yikes! Thanks.
  15. Hi Nigel, Thank you for the information. I'm already a member of the yahoo group however most of the posts are with questions on the software. I'm just outside of Seattle, Washington if there's anyone in the area who would do a demo - I really want to see the system. I don't drive in Seattle so it would have to be other than there. Glad to hear I didn't need to add the cost of the STIq and it's a stand alone system - makes it much easier! I did checkout the videos on the intelliquilter site but most of those were on doing specific things - not really getting to know IQ. Will continue to monitor the yahoo group and videos however it's not really that helpful to me. I know nothing about the computerized systems and I don't know what to ask since I don't know what options I really need. It was much easier researching machines then software. Thanks!
  16. I'm researching computerized systems. Been watching the videos for both Quiltpath and Intelliquilter however many or most of the videos are years old. I'm very uncomfortable making a decision on such a high priced item with old information. Luckily I have a dealership close to me that I can go see and get a demo of the Quiltpath which I am in the process of scheduling. The Intelliquilter site has no dealers listed (unless I missed it) so how do I schedule a demo? I"m not at a point where I want to contact Intelliquilter - I just want to go to a dealership where I can see the demo in person and ask questions. I'm also confused on how these systems work. I'm using a MAC system at home - will I need to integrate with either of these systems and if so, does that mean a Microsoft system is a must for my home computer? I noticed Intelliquilter has the MAC Stiq - I read the description and don't understand what Stiq really is? Is this in addition to their Intelliquilter that you have to purchase if you have a MAC or ?? Also, years ago there seemed to be concerns that Quitpath didn't have a "no sew" option - does it have that now? Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thanks....Mercedes
  17. Just wondering if there's a list of questions somewhere on the site for newbies buying their first used longarm? I have a friend who is currently researching machines and is looking for a used machine - more like an HQ. I'd like to provide her with a list of questions to ask the seller and if this site has an initial list I could add to it. I own an APQS however that's out of her price range so not an option for her first machine. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
  18. These are so cool. Is there instructions somewhere for making them?
  19. Wow, this is just too cute! Beautiful.
  20. I've actually done it both ways. I quilted over my embroidery blocks however went a little slower when hitting those spots. The first time I did this, I stopped quilting at the embroidery, tied off and started again after it - a lot of work. On the next quilt I just quilted over them and I actually liked it better. I think it's important to pick out the right color of thread as that can make all the difference. I think it will be personal preference.
  21. I recently purchased some design boards from R & S Design. Their customer service is amazing! This was my first purchase and I will be getting more in the near future. No affiliation with them - just a very happy customer.
  22. I use a car cover and it works great. Covers not only Millie but the full table. Keeps the dust off everything. When not in use, the cover has a built in bag so you just stuff it in the attached back, zip it up and easy storage.
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