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  1. I'm wondering if the check spring (after the tension disc, before the L hook) ever needs changed. Sometimes I see thread almost jumping when I am stitching as it passes through the pigtail before the needle. I'm getting occasional bird's nests on the back ... So I'm wondering if that check spring is worn or "tired" ....
  2. oh my - stunning!! Your customer was right to give you the opportunity to quilt it - and you did an amazing job!
  3. Love this, Terry - I hope we can get that collage quilt together with the Calgary LA group . . . you are so amazingly talented!
  4. This applique quilt was my client's first attempt at hand applique. I think she has the hang of it! Kim Diehl pattern Late Bloomers; Wonderfil Konfetti thread; Warm and Natural batting.
  5. This one is called Prairie Flowers (I think) by Jo Morton. All beautifully hand appliqued! I outlined around each of those applique elements - lots of time but worth it (IMHO)! The piecer wanted to keep a traditional feel, so she chose Quilters Dream 70/30 batting; Superior So-Fine thread - she was thrilled at the outcome!
  6. I've been away from this forum for a while - life sometimes gets in the way - but I have still been quilting! I thought I'd share a few of the beautiful applique quilts that I have had the privilege of quilting over the past few months - the first one is a Wendy Williams quilt (Urban Owl). Isn't it bright and cheerful! Hobbs Wool batting and Superior So-Fine thread
  7. WOW! Your quilting is perfect on this quilt - beautiful job! I'm sure it will be loved by the happy couple!
  8. OK - I'll be right over to see this in person! Such amazing quilting . . . and everyone, did you know Andrea is published in Modern Quilts Unlimited (did I let the cat out of the bag?)
  9. Comfy kitty! My cat has done the same thing . . . I shut the quilting room door now when I'm not in there . . . cats just love being where they are not supposed to be!!!
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