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  1. No shredding or breakage, just boing.
  2. Holy cow. Just had my check spring go south. Well, not really. But it did go boing. There I was, standing there watching the machine. Not like I can do anything else, right. Then all of a sudden, boing, something flew off the machine. Oh my GOD. WHAT WAS THAT!!!! Turned the machine off and started to look around. Finally, I found it. Sitting at the edge of the quilt on the batting. El checko spring. At least part of it. Now I have to go get one , because I don't have one. Rats and double rats.
  3. I would take it, but your too far away from me. Be one heck of a drive. Me.
  4. Hey Barb. Who ya doing down there in the AZ. Me.
  5. Does your run/stop button press smooth or does it have a little click in it. That might be your problem there. The red run/stop button may be broken. Me.
  6. I have a 2003 millennium & I'm thinking of adding a lower thread cutter & automatic fabric advance. Does anyone know what these two upgrades would cost. Thank you. Donna.
  7. Hey zeke how's it going. I've been working a lot and haven't been on the forum for awhile. Found this today and thought you might like it back to the top. I really enjoy my verts. Thanks again zeke. Ann, the crazy one on the Miili................ give me a call sometime and we'll chat.
  8. Hey Robin, Sounds like the same gal that e-mailed me about a week and a half ago. Wasn't something I wanted to do, so I didn't respond. Good juck. apqsqm..............
  9. Hey you all, Been away for a while and just wanted to let you know that the Compuquilter is still for sale. apqsqm.
  10. Hi Mom, I'm asking $12,500 for the system. I will install and train you as well. Mom, your close enough that I could do this without charging you extra for mileage. You could buy one of the more inexpensive systems out there, but then you would have to find someone to install/train you. That's not cheap either. Think it over and let me know. apqsqm.......apqs, experience the best.......................
  11. Hi everyone, Just thought that you would like to know, the Ultimate I has sold. It found a new home in Placerville, Ca. The good news is that the Compuquilter is still available for those of you who want a computerized system. I'll even throw in a bunch of programs with the deal. E-mail soon before it goes bye-bye. This is a great deal, where are you going to find installation and train for that price. That alone can cost upwards to $3000 and your getting programs also. Take care, apqsqm...............apqsqm@yahoo.com
  12. I found out that zeke was the one who tested it out to make sure that it was in proper working condition. He had help moving it and setting it up in the new owner home. I bet he'll be training her too. apqsqm.