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  1. Those feathers really give movement to the quilt! Just wonderful and how can I not love the red and white?
  2. wow! Fantastic job for a beginner. Where did you get your clamshell tool? Great idea to do your own free hand in the shells.
  3. Here is a customer quilt I finished last week. It was really fun! Her Aqua fabric is Fairy Frost by Michael Miller and it is Aqua and pale purple.
  4. My pic did not post, I have not posted on this forum for quite awhile , is there a way to post pics from my iPhone? Ok got it!
  5. I made a pineapple block without paper piecing or a foundation. I just sewed strips around the center and trimmed across the corners. It did not get all wonky or anything. But I need ideas on a quilting design, please !
  6. Betsy, that's what I was thinking since I have done a lot of Tshirt quilts too. But the bulk is the worst where those diamonds and star points meet. I have 19 more blocks to make, so I will update later, once I get started on the quilting. Thanks for the input.
  7. I am working on a memory quilt and one of the shirts is silk, so I stabilized this fabric with an iron on interfacing which makes the seams bulky. I keep wondering if I will be able to quilt across any of these seams. Will it be okay if I go slow, or am I risking a broken needle and timing problems? Should I plan to only quilt in the background area? Also, what is the name of this block?
  8. I did a light custom job recently and I saw my customer frown while noticing one of my starts / stops on the back. The stitches were tight but I went back and forth too many times I guess. It didn't look that way on the top though. At light custom prices am I supposed to knot and bury all of my stops? And should I go back to my customer and discuss this? One of the things I struggle with is what is the difference between normal variation and a mistake? I am starting to get a feel for it by how many times I pause to look back at the offending stitches and then I realize, no that has to come out. I do believe there are more perfectionists in the quilting world than other places, and some of them are my customers!!!
  9. This is a beautiful quilt, what is the name of the pattern?
  10. Vickie! That is so cute! Are the circle lord boards easier than a panto? I love that teddy bear too!
  11. Hi Darlene! I hope you feel better soon. When you mentioned brain fog, I thought of wheat. Try removing all forms of wheat and white flour from your diet for one week. Try eating wheat again, if you get more brain fog it could be the wheat. I have the following problems when I choose to eat wheat : foot pain and stiffness , bleeding gums, drowsiness, hot flashes and weight gain. Check out wheatbellyblog.com there are other problems associated with wheat as well.
  12. Well I did a few things and now my machine works again. Since I had motor brushes on hand I changed those and I checked all the cords on the back end of the machine. There may have been one cord that was getting caught as I moved the machine . Also when we had the front cover off to replace the needle bar, I think one of the screws that holds the circuit board in place was loose. So I tightened that. It works for now but if I have more problems I will look into the collar screw adjustment.
  13. Recently, I broke a needle while quilting and it turned out that we needed to change the needle bar and bushings, which we did and then we retimed the machine. I was quilting on a new project and went through one whole bobbin of thread with no problems. During the 2nd bobbin, all of the sudden the machine would speed up on its own and the light would flash on and off. I thought it might be the stitch regulator, but then while stitching in non-regulated mode the same speed up and flashing would happen. Help!
  14. Thanks for the pointers see first post for finished pics.
  15. Yes, sorry about that. I was trying to consolidate two posts. Is there a way to actually delete a post that you started?
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