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  1. I am now very particular who I make quilts for. I made a wedding quilt for a friend's son, spending hours and driving to many different shops to find just the right fabrics. I spent way more on just the fabric than I normally give for a gift. Never did get a thank you for it and I cringe every time I drive past their house and see it hanging over the window to keep the light out of the bedroom. On the other hand my son wants me to make a quilt for him to put over his Harley for the winter because just a regular old blanket wouldn't be good enough for his bike, it need some thing special to cover it.
  2. The LQS here charges $17/shirt that includes everything. You bring in the shirts and get a finished quilt. Simple squares with sashing and a border, E2E quilting.
  3. If you can afford it and have the room go Lucey. I love my Lenni but didn't have the extra few inches of depth in my room a Lucey would need. Occasionally wish I had that throat space.
  4. Love that quilt, it is so on my bucket list. I've never seen it set that way, I really like it.
  5. I don't use the magnetic ones, but I am fortunate that my bobbins also fit my DSM so I use them for piecing. Sometimes there is a lot more there than you realize, others not so much,
  6. I have a Rowenta that will no longer hold water, but still heats great. I like the heft of it, but I have given up on ever owning a Rowenta that will steam with out spitting or leaking. The sole plate is getting bad on this one (too many tumbles to the floor as well) so I suppose I should start looking for a new one. I guess I'm odd because I like the auto shut off. It just takes a couple of seconds to reheat, I have gotten into the habit of tipping it often when I am in the sewing room. I am also very naughty and don't unplug it because it is a pain in the rear to get to the plug in, I really should get out of that habit.
  7. Another thought on question #1 - is there a way to do it with the computer? My penmanship wouldn't be an issue then!
  8. I am terrible about labeling my quilts. I have a quilt that is I am gifting to a friend who has been deployed to many hot spots in the world for much of the last three years. He is home hopefully for good now and his wife is throwing a party. I know that this quilt needs a label. Two questions: 1. What is the best way to label a quilt - is there a certain pen I should use? 2. This is not a QOV because it doesn't meet their specifications, but is a gift of appreciation for his service and his family's sacrifice. Any suggestions as to wording?
  9. That quilt is on my someday list. What kind of needle do you use on satin? Do you need a finer one?
  10. Just remember the casters will add height to your table. My table is almost too tall for me with the casters on.
  11. My mac never hardly ever remembers me. I have remember me checked and never log out. Sometimes it even tells me I am "not authorized to do that", but I can get to the new since last visit area anyway.
  12. I'm going to get there sometime. Unfortunately no classes for me. It's spring in Iowa and I'm a farmer's wife. Life doesn't get planned more than 5 minutes in advance and then it is subject to change. I have informed my farmer that I WILL be going to CR even if it is just for an afternoon! Good thing it is only a little over an hour away. Those of you coming from farther away, if you can take some time to visit all the great shops in the area. There are lots to choose from.
  13. Sounds like my FedEx guy. His specialty is leaving packages in puddles, while I am standing in the doorway waiting for him. No we don't look up to see you standing there, we just walk around the corner and place the package smack dab in the middle of a puddle. He drove by my house on high 3 times today, mind you I live on a gravel road in the middle of no where, no one else lives on my road. Not sure exactly who he was looking for. I specify no Fed Ex if I can. Now my UPS guy - he's a gem!
  14. Cute. I love designing quilts around panels. I like the little cupcakes in the corners!
  15. I can relate. I never got the hang of working the machine. I could do a great meander, some clouds and some pointy things but that was as far as I could master. I took lots of classes but just couldn't get it from my brain to my hands. I bought a quilt path and it is great, does exactly what I tell it to. (Most of the time anyway!) I still don't use my machine as much as I should. It is that lonely thing. My machine is in a room with a teeny tiny window with no view in my husband's tractor shop. I have to leave the house and go out there by myself most of the time if I want to use it. There is no internet or TV there because it won't get a signal in the metal room inside the metal shed. I can get one radio station with really bad elevator music. I know if I could get the machine in the house I would use it a lot more. Countdown 4 1/2 years to new house with a big sewing room!
  16. I've just purchased Polydown by the roll for the first time. It's taking over my little room! Took it out of the box and I think every time I go in it has grown. Any ideas for taming it?
  17. I'm going to put laminate counter top on mine to make an adjustable height cutting table. Haven't quite figured out how yet but when I have room for it that's what I'm doing.
  18. Oh to have it be 40 degrees...Thats shirt sleeve weather!
  19. You could really throw them and tell them you don't have a computer and will give your carpenter a call to come look at your windows
  20. Yesteday I had Rachel from Card Services, Bridgette from card services, Google Plus wanted to put our business on top of the search list, I won a trip to the Bahamas, Jowy from the online pharmacy, and the IRS all call me. I think we need to invest in caller ID (I know if hubby were the one here answering the phone all day we'd have it in a second). I don't like to let it go to the machine because it is also a business number. So many people around here have given up the land lines because of all the junk calls, but I've even gotten a few on the cell.
  21. Great quilts Linda. Wrong colors but great quilts! Go Clones!
  22. While you are there (especially at the after Christmas sales) pick up the "snow blanket" stuff that is supposed to be for decorating. It works great as practice batting. Cheap, just pennies after Christmas. I admit I've even used it for seasonal table toppers because it lays nice. I've tried washing it and it hasn't had a problem. I wonder what else we can find in the Christmas aisle!
  23. Linda call Des Moines up and see about having someone come out and installing your Bliss, you aren't that far away. They came and installed my Lenni and then came and installed my Quilt Path when I got it. It may have cost me a little extra for them to do it, but it was totally worth it. As long as hubby didn't have to help it was totally worth it to him to pay for them to come do it! (We don't always interpret directions the same way... it is better for our marriage to work on projects alone or have some one else come do it.)
  24. The weather is turning, the decorating is starting and some people have even finished their shopping. (What's with that, I usually don't even get started until at least the 21st!) Santa is bringing me EQ7 this year. Any one know where to get it at a bargain? The Mac version to really complicate things. What would you like Santa to bring you?
  25. The snowflakes are what I had in mind too. Has anyone ever used the glow in the dark thread? The little girls getting these would probably think that would be cool. I don't want to suggest it if it is a pain to work with though.
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