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  1. Doesn't it feel good to not have to worry about how to quilt that quilt without all of those headaches? Your letter is very professional. It's informational and offers help. Very well done!
  2. Beautiful!!! Love the colors and your quilting is gorgeous!
  3. Dell, you did a wonderful job on this! Love, love, LOVE all the quilting details. Very creative! Thanks for sharing. It's really fun to see the close-ups of the quilting.
  4. Vicki, I'm so glad this all worked out for you. It looks great now and your customer should be pleased. It's a beautiful quilt and she's lucky to have you as her quilter. It's one heck of a way to learn something, but you taught us all a valuable lesson.
  5. Sooooo pretty!!!!!! I just love these large borders with curly, flowing feathers. Great job, as usual!!!
  6. I love it! Your quilting is just beautiful on this! Thanks for sharing your beautiful work.
  7. Wow - great job! These types of quilts can be really challenging but looks like you nailed it.
  8. Hi Gail, I had a similar problem and I was having a hard time figuring it out. The bobbin tension was right on when doing the drop test but when I put it in my machine the bobbin thread would pull quite hard. I finally realized I had the "fingers" on the bobbin spring bent too far out. Once I bent them down a little bit the problem was solved! Hope you get it figured out!
  9. Thanks for the link to your blog Kathy. What a cute little set-up in her tent!
  10. Valerie, you obviously love what you are doing because it shows in your beautiful quilting and your talk about your family. I never hear stress in your posts, however, reading about all you get done exhausts me! But that's MY problem! LOL Keep up the great work. I have a feeling you'll expand on your quilting, whether it be lessons (as Cagey suggested) or a book??? Go for it! I doubt there's anything you can't accomplish!
  11. I love how you quilted this! Your customer will be pleased I'm sure. Love the soft colors. Great story of this quilts journey. It would be interesting to see her set-up in her tent as she quilted.
  12. Very pretty Libby! Your quilting really is great for this quilt.
  13. What a pretty quilt! You did an excellent job recovering the tear. Very creative!
  14. Wow, that's gorgeous Heidi! You always do such beautiful work. Isn't it rewarding to design your own and see it come to life?? What kind of thread did you use to do the applique work? I haven't done much applique and would imagine a very thin thread would be best.
  15. Oh my, that was waaaayyyyy too close. So glad you're OK!!!
  16. Your quilting is perfect! I really admire you folks that have such creative ideas. You are a great inspiration for people like me who struggle for designs.
  17. Praying all is well for anyone in the line of fire and those fighting the fires. Looks like scary times, but I hope it keeps getting better for you Zeke.
  18. On my stars, this is stunning! I like how you started with "no plan". You obviously know how to "wing it"! Thanks for sharing your gorgeous work!
  19. I love it! I think you're too hard on yourself. Panto's such as these aren't always a piece of cake. Sometimes I find them more difficult, probably because I try to follow the line too closely and tense up too much.
  20. Laura said what I was thinking!! It is just perfect. I admire you gals and guys that can think of such designs. Stunning!!!
  21. It's beautiful! Doesn't look like you took a break from quilting at all. Glad you're back at it!
  22. What a terrible thing to have a quilt stolen. Good grief. How can people that do such things sleep at night? I hope they find the quilt and the thief.
  23. It's a very striking quilt, both quilt design and the quilting. I'm curious about the symbols also. From what I've read the four points around the circle represent the four directions. Each has a different meanings associated with them. I had also read the turtle is a symbol of the earth in some native cultures. I'm with Cagey. I'd like to hear the story of this quilt also!