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  1. My Millie likes Isacord variegated on top with Bottom Line in the bobbin.
  2. Oh wow Ardelle! That's the cutest quilt I've seen in a long time. Your fabulous quilting just brings it to life!
  3. I enjoyed the dinner too! So good to see everybody. Sorry it didn't work out for you Teresa. Maybe next year. Glad everybody made a safe trip home and will hope to see y'all again next year!
  4. Awesome job Debbie! You've got those feathers down. I just love French braid quilts and you made this one sing.
  5. Just got it done-- and thank you Carmen! We just got home last night and we've hit the ground running. I am so looking forward to the show this year! At least half a dozen of my quilting buddies have quilts in the show. . . . I'm keeping my fingers crossed and thinking blue--blue--blue! But even if it's not blue, I hope at least one of them brings home a ribbon. Can't wait to meet you Kay, Linda, and Annie!
  6. We have a spot at Pizza Inn again: Thursday evening, April 23rd at 6 o'clock. Quiltweek is always an exciting time and nothing is better than seeing old friends and meeting new. I can hardly wait! Pizza Inn provides an excellent buffet that goes beyond pizza and salad. They are located at 1001 Joe Clifton Drive. When you're driving from the show to Hancock's of Paducah, you can see Pizza Inn at the red light at the entrance to Noble Park. Dairy Queen is across from the park entrance and Pizza Inn is beside Dairy Queen. If you're with a friend or two bring them along. We'll have plenty of space. Look forward to seeing you all! Judy
  7. WOW (again)! I'm just drooling. What a masterpiece! The sky is the limit with this one. Thanks for sharing!
  8. What a beautiful quilt! The quilting designs are just perfect.
  9. Robbin' Bobbins Just Spoolin' Around Skipping Stitches Piece of Work . . . . and my absolute personal favorite-- Rootie-Tootie Quilts by Judy
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