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  1. Your list of suggestions is likely the same as what they already have... You are most welcome to start a thread on here. Recently someone started one posting their wish list for ideas/changes to the machines and a few others added to it. The forum is monitored often by APQS staff such as Dawn and Mark (They also add their comments to certain topics from time to time ) I have also learned that what I am trying to do is actually something that Quilt Path can do, but I am just going about it wrong. Yes, it is different than your old CQ and change is hard (especially for us older folks). I LOVE that Quilt Path can read my CQ patterns as it reads so many different formats which CQ and IQ cannot do!!
  2. The upgrades for Quilt Path make improvements each time!!! They keep making it better and better. They are listening to consumers and have a list of items to add/change but they can't do everything at once. The list is prioritized and the staff at APQS keeps on top of changes and requests. Make sure that you "Like" the Quilt Path user facebook page as several of the Quilt Path owners post frequently and discuss things they have learned to do.
  3. WOW!! I hope you enter that quilt in a show and share the beauty with many others. You and George should be extremely proud.
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