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  1. Well, I am lucky to live in the Houston area (except for the weather) and get to attend the "Big show" every year.  I went to MQX last year in Iowa and was horribly disappointed.  I specifically went to be able to get into some classes as I was a brand new Millie owner and wanted to learn from a few of the teachers there.  I was shocked at how during class the teachers would have friends come in and talk with them, the same people seemed to get all of the attention  as they were "groupies" or something of the teacher.  I will not go back.  


    Also, my friend, a very good quilter, entered a quilt in the "bread and butter" category.  It was to be exactly that, quilters bread and butter, what you do quickly to earn money etc.  The quilts were so crazy over the top quilted that she was not  even a contender.  I stood at that area a long time and listened to peoples comments and 99% would say "wow, that's their bread and butter quilting"  It saddens me to see these things happening.  


    Anyway, just my experience.  If you find yourself in the Houston area late October, I hope you go to International Quilt Festival!


    MQX  has never been to Iowa as far as I know. Their shows have been in Portland, Oregon, Manchester New Hampshire and Springfield Il . I have attended several of the shows in each city.  In my humble opinion, they put on the best machine quilters show.  We were in Manchester this spring and I attended 6 classes.   The owners of the show are always on the show floor making sure everything is going as it should. There is  always a good slate of recognized teachers with  drawing classes ( which I love to take) for a very reasonable amount. Hands on classes are not for me, and too expensive.   They also have very interesting special exhibits.  I think this organization really strives to put on a quality show.  Their shows are Manchester, New Hampshire in the spring and Springfield, Illinois in the fall

  2. Thank goodness my grandchildren seem  understand the importance of their quilts from Grandma.  They are 6,4 and 2.  I think their mom had a lot to do with them understanding how cool it is to get something handmade.  Dylan (6)  was playing the other day with some binder clips and he explained that these were "quilt aliens" and the eat quilt fabric!   Only the words were pronounce quilt " aweons"  and quilt "fabwic". Just cracked me up.  I hope I can remember the sound of his sweet little boy voice till the day I die.

  3. This is how I straighten out Quilters Dream Request or Select.  I have several customers who will not use any other batting so I had to find a way straighten those batings.  Like Linda S. I roll the quilt sandwich but leave it a little slack.  Then I gently tug the batting and the top together to keep the batting from "cupping,"    Then I tighten the sandwich.  The top becomes the stabilizer for the batting.  This has saved my sanity and I no longer get those dang cups in the batting.  Hopefully this is the answer you were looking for.


    These are the days that I wish I didn't have that obnoxious quilt top roller on my frame. 


    I am quilting a king size right now with Quilters Dream 100% cotton.   As I advance the quilt,  of course, you have to adjust the batting and make sure it's smooth.  As I adjust the batting (with a gentle hand) it slightly stretches creating a 'bump' for the next advance in the spot that I held it.  Then I have to  wiggle my hand under that bar and make sure that the batting is smooth out with no lumps.  


    Anyone have any tips to help me manage the batting?   I find the QD 100% cotton is a little more sensitive to stretch than the Hobbs 80/20.    Since this quilt is so huge, it makes managing the batting a little more difficult.


    Any tips for me?  aside from groaning, rolling my eyes, and estimating how many more advances I have to endure?   I did a big cheer dance when it finally lifted off the floor. LOL

  4. Six of us are driving from Dayton, Ohio.   3 Longarm  quilters and 3 domestic quilters.  I have a full slate of classes as usual LOL.  I love to learn from all the new teachers because you never know what awesome idea they will bring to class!  This is our second trip to MQX east.  We have attended in Portland, Illinois and New Hampshire.  Janet Lee  and Mary put on a professional show!  I can't say enough about what a great experience it is.  There are many classes to satisfy all skill level of quilters.  An added bonus is overall the comfortable feeling throughout the entire show.  Everyone is so NICE! Y'all should come!

  5. Hi Pamela, We are having our first planning meeting on July 4th,  In my humble opinion, there is always room for more ideas and sharing.  The only question is having a space to meet  if we have a large group.   But I think I have a plan for that!  Let me contact you after this initial meeting and we will go on from there.  I look forward to meeting you!


  6. Thank you all for your informative answers.  I am going to look like a very smart person at our first meeting to organize this group.  Linda, I have a feeling we are going to try to keep it pretty casual.  Hopefully no one who joins has a burr up their behind.  LOL Teresa, I must have typed the wrong city in before.  Quite a difference in distance!    I will keep you in the loop.  Thanks David,  our group will be much smaller I think, but it sounds like you have joined a good organization!

  7. Teresa,


    I will certainly let you know when we get this organized!  I would be more than happy to put you up at our house.  We are just organizing, so it may take a while to get it together.

    I have two sisters who live in Tennessee, but they are in Cookeville.  LOL I just looked this up and you are only about 19 miles from Cookeville.  Small world.